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  • NICK MORRIS' "Mothering" Wins at LSFF

    NICK MORRIS' "Mothering" Wins at LSFF

    January 25, 2019

    TITLE - "Mothering" DOP - Nick Morris DIRECTOR - Lucy Bridger Production Company - Nice Shirt

    Super thrilled to announce that NICK MORRIS' delicate and beautiful short film "Mothering" has won at the London Short Film Festival 2019. Written and directed by Lucy Bridger and produced by Ailsa Vanessa Tapping this short tells the story of a young girl Mia, arriving at her new foster home where she unexpectedly has her first period.

    "Mothering" is just another example of Morris' accomplished lighting and this film has been given the nod at many festivals in both 2018 and this year including Best British Short.

    Do take a look at this exquisite film and Nick's other award winning narrative work HERE

  • Close


    January 25, 2019

    TITLE - Close DOP - Malte Rosenfeld DIRECTOR - Vicky Jewson Production Company - Netflix

    Cinematographer MALTE ROSENFELD lights Noomi Rapace action-thriller feature film CLOSE which has just been released on Netflix. Directed by Vicky Jewson Malte shot on location in Morocco on Alexa XT / Mini & 27mm Cooke S4 to achieve these slick and impressive cinematic visuals. Close takes us on a journey following a female bodyguard and counter-terrorism expert protecting a rich young heiress which involves a violent kidnap. 

    Writer and director Vicky Jewson worked closely with Jacquie Davis, who is the inspiration for the storyline. One of the leading female bodyguards in the world, Davis helped to bring a badass character to life and to quickly teach Rapace how to breathe and think like a walking war-machine. The aim was to revise the stereotyped idea of male-dominated security services and deliver a female protagonist who is strong and violent, but in the words of Rapace, her portrayal “doesn’t need to be sexy, it just needs to be real”.

    This film adds to the exciting wave in cinema of female film makers. Take a look at the stunning, action packed trailer HERE

    His full reels and website HERE


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