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  • Libresse "Viva La Vulva"

    Libresse "Viva La Vulva"

    November 29, 2018

    TITLE - Libresse "Viva La Vulva" DOP - Deepa Keshvala Production Designer - Marie Lanna DIRECTOR - Kim Gehrig Production Company - Somesuch

    MARIE LANNA and DEEPA KESHVALA design and light this innovative, groundbreaking commercial for Libresse. 

    VIVA LA VULVA is full of conceptually brilliant vulva and vagina cyphers, championing and celebrating the intimate female anatomy in the most bold and magnificent way!

    The film was shot between locations and studio builds, and whilst Deepa shot on Primo Close Focus lenses & Alexa Mini to achieve these impressive visuals, Marie ensured the colour palette was carefully crafted on every set between the art, lighting and costume departments so to flow through the film as a whole. The project also counted with a selection of invited visual artists working on different kinds of media and around the globe to develop, together with the art department, bespoke pieces created specially to the campaign. 

    We love, love this film. 

    For Viva La Vulva and Full Reels of this Dream Team 

    Watch MARIE LANNA work here

    Watch DEEPA KESHVALA here


  • KESHVALA signs with MVA winner Flohio "10 Rounds"

    KESHVALA signs with MVA winner Flohio "10 Rounds"

    October 30, 2018

    TITLE - Flohio "10 More Rounds" DOP - Deepa Keshvala DIRECTOR - Duncan Loudon Production Company - Somesuch

    We are totally thrilled to announce that cinematographer DEEPA KESHVALA has signed to Vision.

    Deepa brings with her an abundance of strong, visceral visuals, working in music videos and commercials with some of the most creative directors within the mighty Somesuch, Pulse and RSA Films.

    Attitude and edge runs throughout her work. Most recent MVA nominated videos include Flohio "10 Rounds" directed by Duncan Loudon which one BEST URBAN NEWCOMER at Somesuch and retro Chaka Khan "Like Sugar" directed by Kim Gehrig again out of Somesuch. Commercials include fashion and sport orientated spots - her reel features the brilliant and vibrant Stella McCartney "Pop" spot directed by frequent collaborator Leonn Ward out of Black Dog.

    After graduating from London College of Communication and working for a short time as a director's assistant at Somesuch, Deepa moved in to the camera department as a camera trainee where she was soon offered an opportunity to shoot 2nd Unit for Daniel Wolfe, leading to a significant period of 2nd Unit work with Wolfe and other esteemed commercials directors; on award-winning projects (Iron Sky/Honda "The Other Side").

    Since becoming an established and accomplished Director of Photography in her own right, Keshvala has elaborated on an innate ability to adapt to, and photograph, a vast spectrum of real environments and people; evident in her choice of projects to date.

    Deepa continues to carve out a career rooted in celebrating colourful communities, with a strong moral compass. She intends to continue making arresting, informed, and socially-minded films with a photographic eye.


  • Anna MacDonald joins the ETV Roster

    Anna MacDonald joins the ETV Roster

    October 30, 2018

    TITLE - Anna MacDonald

    Born in London and raised on the East Bay of California, Emerging Talent ANNA MACDONALD moved to Vancouver, Canada to study a BFA at University of British Columbia. After interning at Panavision whilst still in school, Anna worked on friend's films within camera and lighting and naturally fell into focus pulling on short films, music videos and eventually TV series and features (whilst also shooting experimental videos and films on the side!)

    Anna went on to study Cinematography at NFTS where her graduation film "Come Out of The Woods" won the Panalux Award 2017 for Cinematography and also went to Camera Image for the Official Selection 2017 Student Etudes Competition.

    Since graduating Anna shot 2nd unit for feature film "When The Storm Fades" which premieres at VIFF 2018 and has shot extensively around the world on shorts and documentaries in many locations including Kenya, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Romania and India. She is now branching out into more commercial and content work and is working with the likes of Pulse and Chief.

    Anna is heavily influenced by documentary film experiences and fascinated by how narrative and documentary in her words can "connect and collide. Film is about an emotional connection and I want to make sure the stories I tell strike a chord”. 

    Team Vision is thrilled to sign this up and coming super talent to ETV. 

  • Kinsale Shark Nod

    Kinsale Shark Nod

    September 28, 2018

    TITLE - Shark nominees and win

    Thrilled to announce that MARIE LANNA wins BEST PRODUCTION DESIGN in a music video at the Kinsale Sharks with Alt-J "Pleader". Directed by Isaiah Seret at Biscuit Film works. This six minute spectacle and hypnotic trace takes us on a journey of the Welsh valleys and mining village set in the 60's.


    MIKEY HOLLYWOOD was also shortlisted for Best Production Design on splendid set build for the Jack White "Over and Over and Over" directed by Us for Academy.




  • Spike signs to ETV

    Spike signs to ETV

    September 25, 2018

    TITLE - Spike Morris

    Spike Morris signs to Vision's Emerging Talent Roster and brings with him some exquisite examples of his superb cinematography. Morris is shooting mainly content, music videos and shorts with the likes of Friend, Random Acts and Nowness.

    Spike’s aesthetic approach formed whilst being exposed to influences rooted in ambitious and experimental filmmaking. As a grapheme-colour synesthete since a young age, Spike enthusiastically employs colour motifs to add to narratives.

    We think Spike and his sultry tones are a real catch! He is definitely one to watch!

    Check out his work HERE.


  • Vision to open new CREW department

    Vision to open new CREW department

    August 3, 2018

    TITLE - CREW - dedicated to camera

    Coming soon to Vision "CREW" a boutique, proactive diary-service with a strong social media presence - dedicated to the camera department!

    Signing steadicam, operator, focus, loader, trainee and drone.

    Follow us @crewatvision


  • Vision sign Lee Thomas to ETV

    Vision sign Lee Thomas to ETV

    July 19, 2018

    TITLE - Vision sign Lee Thomas to Emerging Talent

    LEE THOMAS is a cinematographer shooting narrative, commercials, content, and promos. He also specialises in aerial cinematography and can fly solo on both gliders and single-engine aerobatic aircraft having been awarded a RAF pilot scholarship at just 16!

    A graduate from Bournemouth Film School, Lee has already much experience shooting overseas in Europe and further afield and in particular has some stunning work with a documentary style. He is versatile depending on creative and camera and experienced on all formats from Arri Alexa to Super 16mm. He is currently working with the likes of Smuggler, OB, Saatchi, AMV and Trailer Park and his future as a DoP is certainly very bright.

    Special mention to his short film "Land Of Steel" shot in Port Talbot which has received rave reviews from many including Michael Sheen OBE and Roger Deakins ASC, BSC. Beautiful visuals here and definitely worth a look.

    Take a look at Lee's work HERE

  • RUDEBOY Trailer Released

    RUDEBOY Trailer Released

    June 8, 2018

    TITLE - RUDEBOY "The Story of Trojan Records" DOP - Jonas Mortensen DIRECTOR - Nicolas Jack Davies Production Company - Pulse Films

    The much anticipated trailer for RUDEBOY "The Story of Trojan Records" shot by our brilliant, BAFTA winning DoP JONAS MORTENSEN is released! Shot in London and Jamaica, and directed by Nicolas Jack Davies through Pulse, this documentary feature is a film about the origins and ongoing love affair between Jamaican and British Youth culture. It features some true reggae legends and combines archive footage, freshly shot interviews and drama - placed in the council estates and shanty towns of the late 60's and 70's.

    We will keep you posted on further news, but for the meantime check out this link for the trailer and further info!






    May 24, 2018


    FEATURES, DRAMA, SHORTS, DOCUMENTARY - All of our talented DOP's narrative work is now featured on one page, view here

    COMING SOON... Richard Mott's gritty feature film The Corrupted, Jean-Noel Mustonen's crime drama Bullets, Jonas Mortensen's much anticipated feature documentary Rude Boy. Three Film London shorts, a secret series of individual films by Jaime Feliu-Torres, as well as a feature documentary on Charlie Chaplin from James Blann...

  • ARTHUR DE BORMAN designs set for Arca in The Shed NY

    ARTHUR DE BORMAN designs set for Arca in The Shed NY

    May 18, 2018

    TITLE - Arca Production Designer - Arthur De Borman

    ARTHUR DE BORMAN designs hedonistic sets for Arca at The Shed NY, featuring car crash centrepiece, lit with a violent red light decorated with flowers and washed with dramatic sprinkler. Arca then moves onto clinical char in latex, writhing around whilst seductively spreading bloody over his body!

    Check out this interview on Arthur with Paper Magazine HERE



  • EOIN MCLOUGHLIN shoots Ugandan Kayaking Film

    EOIN MCLOUGHLIN shoots Ugandan Kayaking Film

    May 3, 2018

    TITLE - Red Bull Uganda DOP - Eoin McLoughlin DIRECTOR - Grady Peyton Production Company - We are Just So

    EOIN MCLOUGHLIN shoots this stunning film over 10 days in Uganda featuring native kayaker Sadat Kawawa. Directed by Grady Peyton out of We Are Just So for Red Bull.  Produced by Matt Diegan, McLoughlin chooses the Canon C300 to shoot with mostly natural light and a minimum crew which consisted of Director, Producer and DoP! Their adventures took them along the banks of the Nile and followed the journey of Sadat teaching himself to swim and achieving kayaking and an international level.

    Watch this gorgeous, uplifting Red Bull Film HERE

  • Jane Carroll Designs Red Cross For Rocky Morton

    Jane Carroll Designs Red Cross For Rocky Morton

    May 3, 2018

    TITLE - Red Cross "The Power of Kindness" Production Designer - Jane Carroll DIRECTOR - Rocky Morton Production Company - MJZ

    An abandoned house due for development was chosen for this Morton charity spot.  For the flood scenes Jane tanked the whole place with steel liners and made the kitchen units sit on top of the tanks so it looked like water was flowing up to them. As the house was on a gradient it was a pretty technical process to get the decking level so the water would not spill and flood out of the top lip! It took 4 days to build in the house itself but a few months of development went into the idea. This technical design was a complete success AND they didn't actually flood the house!

    Watch Red Cross "Kindess" Here


  • Mikey Hollywood designs for Jack White

    Mikey Hollywood designs for Jack White

    March 29, 2018

    TITLE - Jack White "Over and Over and Over" Production Designer - Mikey Hollywood DIRECTOR - US Production Company - Academy

    HOLLYWOOD collaborates again with the brilliant duo US for Academy Films on this surreal Jack White music vid. The white set is particularly impressive we feel.

    Mikey decided that a basement with stairs and a door would be a smart concept in order to give the directors room to creatively play as they had a rough idea of the scenarios they wanted going on in the space. Stage 3 at Black Island was the studio used for the 3 sets and an intense build began with a tight turn around.

    Mikey says "Could not have done it without my AMAZING crew who loved the idea and were up for the mental 3 days of Sourcing props (x3 each one) Carine Lacroix, massive thanks! All the carpenters and painters at PreFab Lab and Cous de la construction. And a huge thanks to the to the Sharpie crew who worked tirelessly drawing on the whole of the black and white set Its always going to be an exciting project when US are in contact with a job and this one didn't fail".

    See Mikey Hollywood's Jack White promo and full music video reel HERE

  • New signing: JENNY GARDINER!

    New signing: JENNY GARDINER!

    March 15, 2018

    JENNY GARDINER'S background story is an interesting one for sure! Having studied theatre at BRIT school from the age of 14, Jenny very soon discovered she belonged back stage rather than on and began to develop a real passion for Immersive theatre where she spent as much time as possible building little sets around the school for whoever wanted or needed them! Gardiner then went on to study Design for Performance a the London College of Fashion where she ended up specialising in wig making and prosthetic make up. After a stint of placements making silicone prosthetic limbs and denture, it was here that she her skill to make body part props and sculptures evolved.

    Moving back to her love and passion for theatre, Jenny worked as a prop maker and set dresser on a large scale, immersive theatre show PUNCH DRUNKS "THE DROWNED MAN" where she spent 2 whole years refining her unique prop making skills where the dressing was especially detailed and cinematic. Continuing to work with various different theatre companies and events in the capacity of designer, art director and prop maker creating and building mostly immersive and site specific work, Jenny looked to translate this into the world of film.

    Now working on Commercial, Music Video, Content and Fashion work with the likes of Raine Allen Miller from Somesuch, and recently designing for Stink, BBH and Bullion, Jenny brings with her a completely unique style and visual to the Vision Roster.

    See more of Jenny's work HERE.



  • OLAN COLLARDY joins the ETV Roster!

    OLAN COLLARDY joins the ETV Roster!

    March 15, 2018

    OLAN COLLARDY is a London based cinematographer who has forged a path in filmmaking as an avenue to express his creative interest in art, culture, music and story telling.

    He is hugely passionate about crafting light to help tell and explore character narratives. His attention to detail and aesthetics coupled with his ability to craft light enables him to capture dramatic, compelling and unique images.

    Collardy is currently shooting a strong mix of music video, content and short film. His music video work is particularly striking including promos for Maleek Berry, YXNG BANE and Jacob Banks. RUN (2016) ran at Sundance Ignite and was a BFI Film Festival award winner. He has also had Two Short of the Week selections (RUN, IMPORTANCE OF SKIN)

    Catch his work HERE.

  • Welcome ZOE KLINCK!

    Welcome ZOE KLINCK!

    March 15, 2018

    Production Designer ZOE KLINCK joins our ETV roster!

    After gaining a First Class degree in Theatre: Design for Performance from Wimbledon College of Art, she began working as a designer across theatre, interiors and events.

    It was Zoë's love of photography and moving image, which she had nurtured from a young age, that led her to explore a career in the art department. Whilst assisting production designers such as Joseph Bennett and Lucie Red, Zoe simply thrived in this environment. She has been art directing promos, commercials, stills (including BRIT winner Stormzy cover album) and short films, working with the likes of Zhang and Knight, Georgia Hudson, Abbie Stephens and award winning Thomas James through Blink, Black Dog and Agile.

    Zoë also works as a painter and printmaker, allowing her a heightened sense of colour, texture and composition. You can see how this creative process feeds into her design work.

    See here work HERE.

  • Years & Years: Sanctify

    Years & Years: Sanctify

    March 9, 2018

    TITLE - Years & Years: Sanctify DOP - Jaime Feliu-Torres DIRECTOR - Fred Rowson Production Company - Blink

    Jaime Feliu-Torres shoots brand new promo for Years & Years: Sanctify!

    Shot in Thailand on an Alexa with cooke lenses, this futuristic spot features a dystopian alien world where humans exist to entertain.

    Years & Years frontman Olly Alexander takes centre stage and gives an unusual performance to an audience of stern faced judges. Jaime’s shots beautifully follow the dance routine and with Fred Rowson from Blink directing it makes for a trio that you want to see more of!

    Watch the promo HERE.

  • Aldi Jump

    Aldi Jump

    February 21, 2018

    TITLE - Aldi: Jump Production Designer - Chris Lightburn-Jones DIRECTOR - Chris Balmond Production Company - Outsider

    Shot in Arundel, East Sussex within 7:5 hours of sunlight during Mid December, Aldi Scooter takes us through a hilarious 30 second journey down a snowy cobbled street, where one woman’s scooter takes a jump of a lifetime.

    Production Designer Chris Lightburn Jones and his team dressed acrylic sheets at the top of a hill to allow the scooter to slip and slide. They then covered the sheets in snow as well as the location and surrounding props.

    The spectacular jump was no CGI… Chris and his team held the table to the street by fixing it to a large rigged crash mat platform and then a real stunt man and scooter drove up the table and took off!

    Directed by Chris Balmond at Outsider…watch the hilarious trailer HERE.



    February 19, 2018

    TITLE - BAFTA WIN FOR COWBOY DAVE! DOP - Jonas Mortensen DIRECTOR - Colin O'Toole Production Company - Third Rail Films

    BAFTA win for Cowboy Dave!

    The incredible Manchester based short directed by Colin O’Toole won Best Short Film at the BAFTA’s last night! Stealing the show from other popular entries including Wren Boys and A Drowning Man.

    Shot by Jonas Mortensen with superb lighting... the film is set in the Manchester suburbs in 1991 and focuses an encounter between a young Colin O'Toole and rock star Dave Rowbotham (Cowboy Dave)…

    Watch the Cowboy Dave trailer here.


  • BAFTA nominations for MORRIS AND MORTENSEN

    BAFTA nominations for MORRIS AND MORTENSEN

    January 19, 2018

    TITLE - WREN BOYS / COWBOY DAVE DIRECTOR - Harry Lighton / Colin O'Toole

    Super proud to announce that NICK MORRIS' short film "Wren Boys" has been nominated for a BAFTA. This wonderful shot short was directed by Harry Lighton and follows a catholic priest and his nephew on a drive to prison... meanwhile JONAS MORTENSEN and his short "Cowboy Dave" is also nominated for a BAFTA. Directed by Colin O'Toole and set in Manchester, this is a semi-fictional retelling of a personal encounter that the director himself had with Dave Rowbotham. 

    Watch Cowboy Dave Film here

    Watch Wren Boys info here


  • We Welcome James Watson To The roster...

    We Welcome James Watson To The roster...

    January 4, 2018

    DOP - James Watson

    JAMES WATSON joins the roster to head up Vision's exciting new signings of 2018... 

    WATSON brings with him a distinctive style for both commercials and music videos. His passion for film started in South Devon surfing, where Watson travelled the globe with his friends and his camera, developing a doco instinctive style of shooting that stays with him till this day. Training through the GBCT opened the door to a wealth of new directors. He shot DRONE with Daniel Jewell which was featured in American Cinematographer and more recently in 2016 Watson won BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY for THE SECRET WORLD OF FOLEY at The GrandOff Awards.

    View JAMES WATSON Commercials

    View JAMES WATSON Music Videos


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