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  • BAFTA nominations for MORRIS AND MORTENSEN

    BAFTA nominations for MORRIS AND MORTENSEN

    January 19, 2018

    TITLE - WREN BOYS / COWBOY DAVE DIRECTOR - Harry Lighton / Colin O'Toole

    Super proud to announce that NICK MORRIS' short film "Wren Boys" has been nominated for a BAFTA. This wonderful shot short was directed by Harry Lighton and follows a catholic priest and his nephew on a drive to prison... meanwhile JONAS MORTENSEN and his short "Cowboy Dave" is also nominated for a BAFTA. Directed by Colin O'Toole and set in Manchester, this is a semi-fictional retelling of a personal encounter that the director himself had with Dave Rowbotham. 

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  • We Welcome James Watson To The roster...

    We Welcome James Watson To The roster...

    January 4, 2018

    DOP - James Watson

    JAMES WATSON joins the roster to head up Vision's exciting new signings of 2018... 

    WATSON brings with him a distinctive style for both commercials and music videos. His passion for film started in South Devon surfing, where Watson travelled the globe with his friends and his camera, developing a doco instinctive style of shooting that stays with him till this day. Training through the GBCT opened the door to a wealth of new directors. He shot DRONE with Daniel Jewell which was featured in American Cinematographer and more recently in 2016 Watson won BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY for THE SECRET WORLD OF FOLEY at The GrandOff Awards.

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