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  • Chris Lightburn-Jones designs brand new EE Apple Watch Campaign

    Chris Lightburn-Jones designs brand new EE Apple Watch Campaign

    December 20, 2017

    Production Designer - Chris Lightburn-Jones DIRECTOR - Hank Pearlman Production Company - Hungryman

    Chris Lightburn Jones designs the latest EE campaign “Go All Out Apple Watch” featuring Kevin Bacon.

    The ad begins with Kevin dressed to the nines as a ringmaster, preparing to ‘go all out’ to celebrate the apple watch series 3 being exclusive to EE customers. Kevin tours the set passing colourful marching bands, acrobat air displays and even I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! Winners; Stacey Solomon and Tony Blackburn.

    Kevin then wakeboards down the Thames and ignores a phone call on his apple watch from Ed Sheeran. The plane used in the piece was hired through Shoot Aviation, sprayed turquoise and then flown to an airfield in Cambridge where the wings were removed so that it could be driven to Wembley.

    The piece was directed by Hank Pearlman at Hungryman and you can watch it HERE.



    December 20, 2017

    TITLE - Bet Safe: McGregor DOP - Luke Scott Production Designer - Tim Gibson DIRECTOR - Ben Newman Production Company - VCCP

    Brand new Betsafe campaign “Passion overcomes The Odds” from VCCP, featuring Betsafe ambassador and boxing champion Conor McGregor, horse racing champion Sam Twiston-Davies and fellow boxer Tony Bellew.

    The campaign follows the sporting heroes as they warm up for a match.

    Directed by Ben Newman, greatly shot by DoP Luke Scott with production design from Tim Gibson.


  • MORTENSEN AND MCLOUGLIN premiere at Cork Film Festival

    MORTENSEN AND MCLOUGLIN premiere at Cork Film Festival

    November 23, 2017

    TITLE - MORTENSEN AND MCLOUGLIN premiere at Cork Film Festival

    Cowboy Dave and The Swimmer both premiered at Cork Film Festival last week!

    EOIN MCLOUGHLIN shot The Swimmer, directed by Thomas Beug. The film follows an Irish long-distance swimmer who tries to make sense of his life one stroke at a time in the isolation of the cold Atlantic Ocean.

    Cowboy Dave was shot by DoP JONAS MORTENSEN and Directed by Colin O'Toole.

    It is set in the suburbs of Manchester in 1991 and features an encounter between a young Colin O'Toole and rock star Dave Rowbotham (Cowboy Dave).

    Watch Cowboy Dave trailer here.

    Watch Swimmer trailer here

  • Kevin The Carrot Is Back

    Kevin The Carrot Is Back

    November 16, 2017

    TITLE - Richard Mott Teams Up With Pysop DOP - Richard Mott DIRECTOR - Pysop Production Company - Stink

    Kevin the Carrot returns to the screen for yet another Aldi Christmas ad with brilliant comic value!

    Shot again by our Richard Mott and directed by Psyop at Stink, Kevin’s tale give cinematic reference to both The Orient Express and Titanic as he makes his way across a Christmas banquet of Aldi food toward new found love interest Katie the Carrot.

    Kevin was shot on a red weapon helium camera, using leica summilux lenses an a 30’ techno crane. A real stunt carrot was also used to stand in for Kevin!

    Watch HERE

  • Jean-Noel's Eye Wear and Telecom spots

    Jean-Noel's Eye Wear and Telecom spots

    October 5, 2017

    TITLE - Mustonen and Riski collaborate again DOP - Jean-Noel Mustonen FSC DIRECTOR - Pete Riski

    Our DOP Jean-Noel Mustonen recently shot two gorgeous films directed by Pete Riski. One for Finnish Telecomms provider Elisa and the other, eyewear brand Instrumentium. 

    Both were Shot on Arri Alexa mini and Canon K’35 Lenses and display incredible emotive content alongside beautiful scores. The Instrumentium eyewear spot provides a captivating love story between a student and teacher where as the Elisa spot shows a heart-wrenching tale between a father and son.


  • Elton John's Bennie and The Jets

    Elton John's Bennie and The Jets

    October 5, 2017

    TITLE - Georgia Shelton's MVA Nomination Production Designer - Georgia Shelton DIRECTOR - Jack Whitely and Laura Brownhill Production Company - Rattling Stick

    This gorgeous and stylish new video for Elton John’s classic Benny & The Jets features incredible production design from Georgia Shelton.

    The set features a stylized zoetrope that works in coordination with the 1930s choreography and costume. The set design also took inspiration from the 1927 German Expressionist film Metropolis and Art deco architecture.

    Directed by Jack Whiteley and Laura Brownhill, and produced by Rattling Stick… the black and white palate and wide-angle shots highlight the crisp and graphic work that went into Georgia’s heavy design.

    Watch Elton John and Bennie & The Jets HERE

  • Nick Morris' Nominations and Wins...

    Nick Morris' Nominations and Wins...

    October 1, 2017

    TITLE - Nick Morris DOP - Emerging talent

    Our recently signed DoP NICK MORRIS is smashing it with the awards at the moment!

    Sundara Karama "Happy Family" wins a gold at the Sharks awards for Best Low Budget Music Video and Wren Boys won the Film London Jury Prize.

    Wren Boys is also nominated for Best Short at LFF and Sunday Morning Coming Down is up for the Iris Prize. The SAMH commercial that Nick shot with MTP has been nominated for almost every category at The Scottish Creative Awards and The Drum Awards - sometimes twice!

    See SAAM here

    See Sundara Karma here

    Narrative work here


  • H&M


    September 22, 2017

    TITLE - H&M Production Designer - Zach Apo-Tsang DIRECTOR - Karim Huu Do Production Company - Caviar

    The latest H&M campaign from Caviar and directed by Karim Huu Do, features some famous faces and amazing production design from Zach Apo-Tsang. 

    Shot over 2 weeks in Tokyo, Zach created two karaoke set builds at the top of a Roppongi skyscraper and multiple location dresses. His heavy design included a gold Karaoke booth with rotating cd columns, a pimped moped  and bespoke furniture for the pink tea room set.

  • James Blann Shoots Asos "Go Play"

    James Blann Shoots Asos "Go Play"

    September 20, 2017

    TITLE - Asos DOP - James Blann DIRECTOR - Raine Allen Miller

    The new Asos "Go Play" spot directed by Raine Allen Miller and produced by Somesuch was shot beautifully by our DOP James Blann. Through a mix of Cooke anamorphics on an Alexa mini and 16mm film, James takes us through a beautifully captured montage of close up and portrait shots. The bright colours of the new Asos make up range shine out on a diverse range of models that all look pretty fabulous.

    Take a look at Asos and James' reel HERE

  • Jane Carroll's Theatre of Dream for Adidas

    Jane Carroll's Theatre of Dream for Adidas

    September 7, 2017

    TITLE - Jane Carroll Production Designer - Jane Carroll DIRECTOR - Dave Meyers Production Company - Radical Media

    Our Jane Carroll does an incredible job at creatively constructing a 'Theatre of Dreams' in the latest Adidas campaign: "Here to Create" with Radical Media.

    Directed by LA based Dave Meyers, this spot sees the Manchester United players performing to the roles of rappers, puppets, musicians and dancers. The theatre, stage and stadium are huge factors of the campaign's success and were built from scratch by Jane and her remarkable construction team. The set involved heavy design and structure and as Adidas quote "In the Theatre of Dreams, only the creative shine" which most certainly applies to Jane as her hard work, creativity and dedication on this project are responsible for making the Theatre of Dream's happen.

    See Adidas HERE

  • Vision Welcome Production Designer Chris Lightburn-Jones

    Vision Welcome Production Designer Chris Lightburn-Jones

    September 5, 2017

    TITLE - Chris Lightburn-Jones Production Designer - Chris Lightburn-Jones

    Vision are just thrilled to have signed Chris who brings with him some fabulous design, whether it be technical set build, model work or period design.

    With a passion for building furniture and kinetic sculptures, LBJ moved into set construction which in turn lead to feature work and Location Construction Manager credits on THE LIBERTINE and 28 DAYS LATER. The next few years were subsequently spent as a Standby Art Director, working on features such as THE MOTHER directed by Roger Michele, MILLIONS with Danny Boyle and THE CONSTANT GARDENER directed by Fernado Meirelles; where Chris himself also received an acting credit!

    This invaluable experience and background set Chris up well for the world of commercials, and over the last 12 years we have seen him working for a wealth of high end production companies and directors. Chris is best known for his iconic spots with Ne-o at Stink, namely the VW "Singing in The Rain" featuring Gene Kelly which was nominated for BEST PRODUCTION DESIGN at the British Arrows.

    More recently LBJ has worked on the stylish Honda "Precision" with the talented Kim Gherig at Somesuch and Direct Line with David Gary at Outsider. He works with many of the directors on Outsider's roster along with Smuggler, Hungryman and Sonny London.


  • LANNA designs for Colonel Blimp BT Dele Alli Spot

    LANNA designs for Colonel Blimp BT Dele Alli Spot

    September 1, 2017

    TITLE - Marie Lanna Production Designer - Marie Lanna DIRECTOR - Pedro Martin Calero Production Company - Colonel Blimp

    Shot over three days and featuring Tottenham's 21-year-old midfielder Dele Alli, this latest BT Sport ad takes us through a whirlwind of fast paced, action filled sporting scenarios.

    Providing both great comic value and incredible production design skill, Marie Lanna was faced with the challenging task of recreating the feel, scale and mood of some of the sport world's most famous locations. With great success Marie built both fight rings and living rooms from scratch at the BT Studios. The Golden State Warriors basketball court was also perfectly recreated here in London and managed to maintain it's colorful and buzzing atmosphere, blending well with the international pitches.

    Directed by Pedro Martin Calero for Colonel Blimp productions .

    Watch BT and Marie Lanna's full commercial reel HERE

  • JOLLIFFE lights Julie Waters for Vision Express

    JOLLIFFE lights Julie Waters for Vision Express

    June 30, 2017

    TITLE - Jim Jolliffe DOP - Jim Jolliffe DIRECTOR - Kevin Thomas Production Company - Thomas Thomas

    Check out this just gorgeous spot for VISION EXPRESS shot by cinematographer JIM JOLLIFFE. Featuring the just wonderful Julie Waters in several of her signature roles, Jolliffe achieves these versatile visuals using the clean, modern but rounded look of the Cooke S5's and added the character of the scenes by lighting to show off the different eras. Shooting the Super 8 in the hospital was also fun. 

    View Julie Waters in VISION EXPRESS HERE

  • Jaime Feliu-Torres lights PRIDE LONDON

    Jaime Feliu-Torres lights PRIDE LONDON

    June 30, 2017

    TITLE - Jaime Feliu-Torres DOP - Jaime Feliu-Torres DIRECTOR - Fred Scott Production Company - Pulse Films

    Our JAIME FELIU-TORRES lights beautifully this commercial for PRIDE IN LONDON "The Apology : Love Happens". Jaime chose to shoot on the Red Helium and Panavision Primo 70 lenses. Directed by Fred Scott for Colonel Blimp.

    Worth checking out HERE

  • Nothing But Thieves

    Nothing But Thieves

    June 8, 2017

    TITLE - Nothing But Thieves DIRECTOR - Thomas James Production Company - Black Dog

  • Welcoming Designer Georgia Shelton

    Welcoming Designer Georgia Shelton

    May 24, 2017

    Production Designer - Georgia Shelton

    Production designer GEORGIA SHELTON signs to Vision with a fabulous Elton John music video for "Bennie and The Jets". Built and shot at Black Island over 2 days, reference for the set design came from Busby Burkley dance sets, the film Metropolis, and Art Deco architecture. Built and lit over two days Shelton designed the light boxes, podium and light tunnel working closely with DoP and gaffer. 

    Shelton studied 3D Design at Brighton University. Initially working as a production assistant, she got involved with the art department as much as she possibly could, filming at weekends and going on to art direct low budget promos and short films. With the likes of Olly Williams, Andy Kelly and Ben Ansell as mentors,  Georgia progressed to HOD and now has a wealth of commercial, fashion and promo work. We warmly welcome her to the Vision Family.



  • Jane Carroll Nominated at British Arrows

    Jane Carroll Nominated at British Arrows

    May 4, 2017

    TITLE - Jane Carroll and Think Box for Best Production Design Production Designer - Jane Carroll

    JANE CARROLL is nominated for BEST PRODUCTION DESIGN at this year's British Arrows awards for her incredible Think Box spot directed by The Bobbsey Twins and produced by Ewen Brown through Blink. This brilliant spot which showcases aliens and spaceships thoroughly deserves a spot in the top commercial designs of the year. Awards take place on the 24th May.

    Watch Think Box "The Broadcast" HERE

  • Ann Evelin Lawford

    Ann Evelin Lawford

    April 26, 2017

    TITLE - Ann Evelin Lawford Signs

    Excited to announce Dutch born cinematographer ANN EVELIN LAWFORD has signed to Vision's Emerging Talent division. With a back ground in fine art and art history, and a first class BA (hons) at the Cambridge School of Art, it was here that Lawford fell in love with the aesthetic tradition of film. Evelin has an urge to tell stories and to induce feelings or emotions by creating images. She is a great admirer of independent and art house cinema and is passionate and fascinated by gender (mis) representation and the morality of sexual objectification.

    She is now shooting some incredibly stylish music video, fashion, commercial and short film work with the likes of Partizan, Independent, Caviar and Pulse.

    Take a look at her work here with special mention to newly released Colouring "Heathen Promo"


  • Benedict Spence

    Benedict Spence

    March 15, 2017

    TITLE - Welcoming Benedict Spence to the Vision Family DOP - Benedict Spence

    BENEDICT is passionate about film. He adores being on set and studies light every day, both professionally and as a hobby. A TV Production graduate of Bournemouth University in 2002, SPENCE began lighting a short six months later working in TV. This progressed into documentary work and then for the last 6 years on to music videos, commercials and drama. BENEDICT is now working with some key companies commercially, including Hungryman, Rogue , Somesuch and BBC Creative and is lensing more edgy projects for the likes of Nowness and Random Acts. He loves story telling and has most notably shot both series 1 and 2 of BBC comedy drama WITLESS directed by Andrew Chaplin.

    Thrilled to have him on board.

    See both his Commercial and Music/Fashion reels HERE

  • Rasmus Heise DFF

    Rasmus Heise DFF

    March 10, 2017

    TITLE - Rasmus Heise DFF signs DOP - Rasmus Heise DFF

    We are so pleased to welcome cinematographer RASUMS HEISE to the Vision Roster. With a background of both gaffer and NFTS graduate in Denmark, Rasmus brings to us a wealth of award winning commercials including Silver Cinematography Awards at Eurobest for "Han Kjobenhavn' and "Royal Beer" at Creative Circle. Rasmus' wonderful short film "Helium" won an Oscar for Best Short Film and he has also worked on Amazon Studio's "Hand Of God", shooting season 1 on 35mm which starred Ron Perlman. His recent Weetabix commercial with an enchanting fairytale twist was directed by Tore Fransden for Sweetshop films here in London. Heise is a great character and a joy to have on set - Vision are just thrilled to introduce him to the UK!

    Check out his work HERE



    February 17, 2017

    TITLE - Nick Morris' short film is selected at BFI Flare DIRECTOR - Harry Lighton Production Company - Try Hard Productions

    NICK MORRIS' short film SUNDAY MORNING COMING DOWN has been selected to run at the BFI Flare Festival in March. This was directed by Harry Lighton and produced by Sorcha Bacon and Ksenia Harwood through Try Hard Productions. Shot in Hastings this tells a story of  a road trip, homosexual angst brotherly angst, and a toilet! Morris achieves these sublime visuals with Arri Amira shooting 4k UHD in prores 4444xq with Panavision Primo Classics, diffused with tiffen Glimmer Glass and framed for 1:1:33 (4:3). Special mention to colourist Phil Hambi at MPC.


    See Nick's work http://www.nickmorrisdop.com/

    Full details on LGBT BFI Flare here http://www.bfi.org.uk/flare


  • Nick Morris signs to Emerging Talent Division

    Nick Morris signs to Emerging Talent Division

    February 16, 2017

    TITLE - Nick Morris

    We are so thrilled to welcome DoP Nick Morris to the Vision family. Nick's is such a great story. Whilst studying Geography at the University of Cambridge, he discovered analogue photography whilst hitchhiking in Estonia and became obsessed with darkroom printing.

    With a background in more traditional art and figurative painting he rekindled his passion for the creative and after his stills were exhibited went on to assist various cinematographers and also managed to shoot 3 shorts in his final year of Cambridge. He is now working with a great pool of production companies on music videos and commercial content including Friend,PrettyBird and Indy8. His music video Connie Constance "Loose My Mind"was nominated for Best Pop Newcomer at the 2016 UKMVA's, Denim "by Denim"was nominated for Best Music Video at Raindance and Lea Porcelain won Best Music Video at the Radar Awards.

    See Nicks work here http://www.nickmorrisdop.com/

  • Borja López Diaz signs to Vision

    Borja López Diaz signs to Vision

    January 20, 2017

    TITLE - Nimmo "My Only Friend" DOP - Borja López Díaz DIRECTOR - Ian Pons Jewell Production Company - Friend

    We are so very pleased to welcome BORJA LOPEZ DIAZ to the roster who brings to London some stunning fashion and high end sport orientated work. Borja thrives on the experimental and is inspired by studying other disciplines besides film.

    He recently shot the just brilliant over-inhabited house music video "MY ONLY FRIEND" for NIMMO which was directed by Ian Pons Jewell for Friend. López shoots for the likes of Canada, Anders Malmberg and Christian Bevilacqua and works on high profile campaigns for Nike, Adidas, River Island and Boots among others.

    Special mention also of his film WONDERKID - a film by Rhys Chapman which bravely tackles one of football's biggest taboos - homophobia. A gritty, emotional piece.

    Check out BORJA'S REELS HERE

    Website HERE

  • Thinkbox


    January 5, 2017

    TITLE - Thinkbox Production Designer - Jane Carroll DIRECTOR - The Bobbsey Twins Production Company - Blink

    JANE CARROLL designs this epic, cinematic THINK BOX spot for The Bobbsey Twins from Homicide at Blink.

    It was designed to have a slightly imposing and sinister edge, giving the world a hint of what they were due to encounter.
    The aliens are a force to be reckoned with and their space craft has fought and won many a battle ...Now they are heading our way to Planet earth with their leader Zod, when the public get wind of the invasion chaos ensues.

    As with all great Alien space crafts it was built in the Space Project film studios Manchester by the finest team of craftsmen headed by Gary Kimpton! After a long an arduous interview with Zod, Gary was definitely the man to craft this craft. The initial design was made from laser cut tectonic panels before been carefully assembled in position and finished with the latest Alien in flight technology.

    The landing site was at Crompton Moor oldham where Jane built a full scientific military laboratory and military camp blockades, tanks army personnel and of course the peace loving alien watching camper van man.

    Look out for the newspaper clippings on the crazy wall - it could tell you the position of the next alien landing site.....
    The SFX breakaway effects were designed by Mark Wilson, seen as the Camper Van smashes through the gate in a rush to see the alien landing.

    And what of Micro Zod ..... well his tiny ship was carefully modelled to scale by Alex Giles complete with internal dust explosions for when the ship is crushed...


DOP - Production Designer - TITLE - DIRECTOR - Production Company -