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  • Shortlists for British Arrow Craft Awards

    Shortlists for British Arrow Craft Awards

    October 26, 2016

    TITLE - FORDESMAN shortlisted for Best Cinematography at Crafts DOP - Ben Fordesman DIRECTOR - Ian Pons-Jewell Production Company - Anorak

    Thrilled to announce BEN FORDESMAN is shortlisted for BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY at this year's British Arrow Craft Awards. This is for the amazingly shot HORNBACH spot directed by Ian Pons-Jewell for Anorak. Ben is having an amazing year, as this shortlist follows his two other cinematography nominations for Nao's Bad Blood at the Music Video Awards and Camerimage.

    Also shortlisted is our Emerging Talent DAN ATHERTON whose cinema fashion film for Jigsaw "Teach A Man To Fish" has been nominated for The Best Student Film Award"

    Awards take place on Wed 24th November.







  • YBS


    October 10, 2016

    TITLE - YBS DOP - Jean-Noel Mustonen FSC DIRECTOR - Pete Riski Production Company - Rattling Stick

  • Heinz Soup

    Heinz Soup

    October 10, 2016

    TITLE - Heinz Soup DOP - Martin Hill DIRECTOR - Simon Ratigan Production Company - HLA

    HILL and RATIGAN collaborate once again to achieve yet another gorgeous commercial. This time for a mouth watering, reassuring cup of Heinz Tomato soup, sipped by a trio of wonderfully cast would-be kissing, soup drinkers!

    The idea was very simple, but technically challenging, pre shoot tests were carried out to determine the best lens for the job. When the characters bent forward to kiss the lens, it was practically impossible to reach it so Martin cleverly designed a combination of a specialised 35mm macro lens plus a track to enable this to happen.

    Shot on location in London, is was important to see background information of each scene. Extra light was needed for slow motion and increased depth of field. This was more challenging for the snow scene at night due to the practical lights in shot, not to mention the camera shadow on the extreme close up's.

    Watch this warming soup spot and Martin Hill's full commercial reel HERE



    October 10, 2016

    TITLE - Cadburys Milk Tray DOP - Jim Jolliffe DIRECTOR - Chris Palmer Production Company - Gorgeous

    JIM JOLLIFFE photographs this stunningly beautiful comeback commercial for Cadburys Milk Tray, directed by Chris Palmer for Gorgeous.

    Travelling to one of the remotest places on the planet, the Altai Mountains in Mongolia, (where there is absolutely no film infrastructure in terms of crew, equipment and actors) Jim choose to shoot on the Alexa Mini which had Canon mounts in order to use smaller stills lenses. This meant all was super lightweight - cameras in one rucksack, lenses in another rucksack, and accessories in a third.

    Although this spot has an epic feel, the budget was actually very tight with little or no money for lights, so Jolliffe smartly lights the majority of this amazing film, day for night, with, in a nutshell - fire and embers - and some help from the odd paraffin lamp, car head lights and a small smoke machine.

    Jim immersed himself into this project and did much research for the film, taking inspiration from Laurence of Arabia as he was aware Freddie Young had used day for night for all the night scenes here too.

    Jim found Mongolia in his own words "a very special and spiritual country". Infact loved it so much that he stayed out there for a few weeks travelling and taking photographs which you can view in his incredible portfolio below. What a treat..



  • UK Music Video Award Nominations

    UK Music Video Award Nominations

    September 23, 2016

    TITLE - Production Design and Cinematography selections

    Thrilled to announce the following UK Music Video Awards selection from the Vision Roster:



    Our work was also shortlisted for

    Dan Stafford-Clark's 1975 "A Change of Heart" for Best Pop Video
    Ben Fordesman's Metronomy "Old Skool" for Best Alternative Video, Best Styling.
    Ben Fordesman's Nao "Bad Blood" for Best Urban Video
    Ben Fordesman's Rejji Snow "Blakst Skin" for Best Urban Video
    Ben Fordesman's Gabriels "Amethyst" for Best Dance Video Newcomer.
    Paul Ozgur's Major Lazer "Light it Up" for Best Dance Video Int.
    Tim Gibson's Mike Snow "Genghis Khan" for Best Urban Video, Best Colour Grade, Best Video Artist.
    Tim Gibson's Mike Snow "My Trigger" for Best Urban Video

    Awards take place on Thursday 20th October.



  • Jonas Mortensen shoots The Stones doc

    Jonas Mortensen shoots The Stones doc

    September 13, 2016

    TITLE - JONAS MORTENSEN shoots The Stones Documentary DOP - Jonas Mortensen

    Finally revealed - JONAS MORTENSEN travels with the Rolling Stones across South America - aptly titled "Ole, Ole, Ole: The Rolling Stones: A Trip Across Latin America". Mortensen follows The Stones through Cuba, Brazil, Peru, Uruguay and Argentina on every aspect of their tour -  back stage, the exhilarating shows and also capturing the heart and soul and the people of Latin America.

    Technically, the film is terrific, with state-of-the-art sound and cameras ever-searching for evocative settings and interesting faces among the multitudes.

    Directed by Paul Dugdale, this exciting, stimulating Rock 'n roll doc is currently being played at the Toronto Film Festival.

    Check out the trailer here 





  • Sam Tidman is chosen for British Arrrow's Jury

    Sam Tidman is chosen for British Arrrow's Jury

    September 1, 2016

    TITLE - Sam Tidman is selected for British Arrows Jury Panel Production Designer - Sam Tidman

    Vision's Production Designer SAM TIDMAN is delighted to be under SALLY CAMPBELL's watch on this year's  2016 British Craft Awards jury panel. 

    Sam says "It is a real pleasure to be invited onto the CRAFT jury. Technical craft is central to our industry and its wonderful to have the chance to honour and acknowledge all the incredibly talented crew".

    Awards take place on Wednesday 24th November.

  • Hornbach


    September 1, 2016

    TITLE - Hornbach DOP - Ben Fordesman Production Designer - Mikey Hollywood DIRECTOR - Ian Pons Jewell Production Company - Anorak

    Directed by Ian Pons Jewell for Anorak Berlin and shot on location in a beaten up, derelict house located in Bucharest, Romania, BEN FORDESMAN chose a more stylised/heightened reality approach to achieve these impressive visuals. Shot on Arri Studio camera with Cooke S4 primes + Phantom 4K flex high speed camera with a special mention to Colour Grade by Simone Grattarola @TBA.

    The location gave perfect, naturally aged and eroded textures, faded colours and crumbly, powdery walls for Production Designer MIKEY HOLLYWOOD to work from. By the end of the job Mikey had pretty much reshaped the whole house into something habitable. HOLLYWOOD also built an incredible wall of tools (see below). The tool belt itself was laden with an array of handcrafted tools which Mikey had either wrapped in leather, etched in the metal and engraved to make a stunning tool belt.

    Director IAN PONS-JEWELL has named them the "DREAM TEAM" see their work below.


  • Jolliffe's and Abramovitch's BLUE MOON

    Jolliffe's and Abramovitch's BLUE MOON

    July 14, 2016

    TITLE - Jim Jolliffe's BLUE MOON DOP - Jim Jolliffe DIRECTOR - Angelika Abramovitch

    BLUE MOON is a dark tale of a single woman's twisted relationship with the men in her life. Jim tells us about this film in his own words...

    "Blue Moon was written, directed and edited by relative newcomer Angelika Abramovitch. When she approached me with the script, I instantly said I would love to do it. Angelika, who is a good friend, hasn't made too many films before, but one film she made - The Horse (https://vimeo.com/83984745) really caught my eye as being a beautifully simple well written and directed film. As everybody knows it's hard to tell a story within the confines of a short film timescale, but with both The Horse and now Blue Moon, Angelika has managed to do this beautifully. I love that the pace of Blue Moon isn't rushed and yet the story isn't compromised.

    I also love the way you can't pigeon hole this film - is it a thriller? horror? black comedy? - either way Angelika and I decided to keep it very dark. The reference photos she sent me reminded me very much of David Lynch's work and this excited me even more. But the budget of Blue Moon was zero. Everybody worked for free, Jeff Brown at Brownian Motion kindly gave me the camera equipment for free, and we managed to scrape together a few lights. All I had to light the film was a parcan, dedo kit and a panel light - not a lot to try and recreate that Lynchian look. I love challenges like this, it's when you have to really use your creativity to make things work. The film, set in the southern states of America, need locations to reflect this, and obviously this was not possible with the budget. We ended up shooting in Angelika's boyfriends mum's victorian terraced house in Acton - not quite a trailer in Texas! We kind of got away with it, and the dark style of the film really helped with this. The bar scenes we shot in an American style bar in Islington, again kindly given for free. The practical lights in this bar were perfect - all I needed here was to add a few dedo lights. Angelika Abramovitch is currently unsigned as a director, but just has a passion and talent for film making".

    Blue Moon will be screening at BFI London (21 Stephen Street, London W1T 1LN) on thursday 21st July. Drinks from 6:30pm, first screening at 7:30pm, last screening at 8:15pm. The film duration is 10 mins.

    Watch the trailer here


  • Fordesman and Stephens Collaborate on Random Acts "Solo

    Fordesman and Stephens Collaborate on Random Acts "Solo

    July 12, 2016

    TITLE - Ben Fordesman and Abbie Stephens 'Random Acts" DOP - Ben Fordesman DIRECTOR - Abbie Stephens Production Company - Colonel Blimp

    Vision's Fordesman and Colonel Blimp's Stephens collaborate on this simply stunningly emotional film for Channel 4's Random Acts. A private moment of performance and pain, this grief stricken violinist seeks solace in his cello. The frenzied performance reaches a bloodied crescendo and the ultimate destruction of his treasured instrument. Ben shoots on the Alexa and Cooke 4's. Special mention to Arri who supplied and graded by James Bamford at The Mill. 

    Watch HERE


  • Rising Star Zach joins the Vision Design Roster

    Rising Star Zach joins the Vision Design Roster

    July 7, 2016

    TITLE - Zach Apo-Tsang Production Designer - Zach Apo-Tsang

    Vision have found an exciting new addition for their select Production Designer roster.

    A Chelsea college of Art graduate (having studied interior and Spatial design) Zach Apo-Tsang met the marvellous Mikey Levelle whilst working behind the bar in his local pub and it was Lavelle who introduced him to the world of commercial production. Immensely inspired by his first experiences, and working within Mark Connell's brilliant team, Apo-Tsang went onto style, art direct and ultimately HOD an impressive credit list of commercials and music videos, and is already working with the likes of Partizan, Blink, White Lodge, Riff Raf and Stink.

    Style wise Zach is inspired by high end finishes and reflective textures. Colour is also a massive thing for him too. Check out this rising star's work below....



  • airbnb


    June 13, 2016

    TITLE - Air Bnb - Dont go there, live there DOP - Jim Jolliffe DIRECTOR - Anna & Ewen Production Company - RSA

  • Jim Jolliffe's Adcan for Austen Humphries

    Jim Jolliffe's Adcan for Austen Humphries

    April 28, 2016

    TITLE - Jolliffe shoots Adcan for Rattling Stick DOP - Jim Jolliffe DIRECTOR - Austen Humphries Production Company - Rattling Stick

    JOLLIFFE shoots this cinematic spot for the charity Adcan. Adcan's unique concept gives good causes and charities a free platform for exposure and advertising. Young, up and coming  filmmakers tap in to the expertise of top end production and agencies professionals - who all volunteer their time and expertise to make good.

    The film is a pastiche of the film "Das Boot" and Jolliffe and Humphries strived to maintain that aesthetic. They decided to go with green and red as the colours they felt real and added to the claustrophobic atmosphere - adding plenty of smoke to the scene helped with this too.

    Jim says "Originally, due to no budget, we planned to shoot it under a swimming pool but in the end were very lucky to get the use of a decommissioned Navy submarine which was dry docked down at Chatham docks. Due to the size of the location, lighting it conventionally proved difficult. I decided the best was to approach this was to make as many as the lights practical so it wouldn't matter if we saw them in shot".

    To help with the Second World War look, Jim used some vintage Russian lenses which gave a lovely softness to the image, together with Black Satin diffusions in front of the lens too.

    Take a look HERE

  • PUMA


    April 22, 2016

    TITLE - PUMA Production Designer - Sam Tidman DIRECTOR - Scott Lyon Production Company - Outsider

    SAM TIDMAN collaborates again with Outsider's Scott Lyon and designs this epic spot for Puma, featuring various world class footballers shooting in Madrid, Malaga, Barcelona and London.

    TIDMAN builds the library for the Verratti scene in a castle just outside Madrid. The bookcases were all built with integrated steel frames and on hinged tracks to produce an authentic domino. 400 metres of real books were used and the domino tumble practised 4 times in total, taking almost 20 people a good hour and a hour to re-stack the books!


  • Ozgur and Fordesman for Berlin MVA

    Ozgur and Fordesman for Berlin MVA

    April 21, 2016

    TITLE - Fordesman and Ozgur nominated at Berlin MVA

    Thrilled that BEN FORDESMAN is nominated for BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY at Berlin Music Video Awards for his Nao promo directed by Ian Pons Jewell for Friend.  Watch HERE

    Also new signing PAUL OZGUR for BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY at the Berlin MVA for Major Lazer directed by Pulse's Sam Pilling. Watch HERE

    Awards take place between the 18th and 21st May!





  • Ben Fordesman's Shoots "We Are Awake" for McDonalds

    Ben Fordesman's Shoots "We Are Awake" for McDonalds

    April 4, 2016

    DOP - Ben Fordesman DIRECTOR - Jake Mavity Production Company - Tantrum

    DoP BEN FORDESMAN shoots this quite beautiful McDonalds spot for Jake Mavity at Tantrum following the UK's "night owls". Selecting anamorphic lenses for a cinematic approach and visual, Fordesman used mostly available natural light at each location, occasionally subtracting light to create a good level of contrast. Fordesman says "I feel the anamorphic lenses help to obtain an intimacy with characters on screen. Real people were selected in real locations so everything had to be motivational in a natural looking way".

    A slowed down "Rhythm of The Night" track accompanies this rather charming spot.

    View McDonalds and Full Commercial Reel HERE

  • Tim Gibson "Turns It Up" for Radio One

    Tim Gibson "Turns It Up" for Radio One

    April 4, 2016

    TITLE - Radio One "Turn It Up" Production Designer - Tim Gibson DIRECTOR - Mark Jenkinson Production Company - Rogue

    Production Designer TIM GIBSON creates a fabulous mirrored room with smoke effects in Pinewood Studios along with a set in Black Park Forest for this BBC Radio spot. James Massiah, a spoken word artist, promotes the brilliance of radio and encourages us listeners to wake up to the radio app alarm! Gibson collaborates once again with Mark Jenkinson at Rogue through Y&R.

    See "Turn it Up" and Tim Gibson's Full Commercial Reel HERE

  • Major Lazer

    Major Lazer

    March 9, 2016

    TITLE - Major Lazer 'Light It Up' DOP - Paul Ozgur DIRECTOR - Sam Pilling Production Company - Pulse Films

  • cupasoup


    March 9, 2016

    TITLE - Cup A Soup DOP - Richard Mott DIRECTOR - Caswell Coggins Production Company - Another Film Co

  • Good luck to our BAFTA nominees...

    Good luck to our BAFTA nominees...

    February 11, 2016

    TITLE - Good Luck to our BAFTA nominees RICHARD MOTT & PAUL OZGUR

    RICHARD MOTT'S "OVER" directed by Jorn Threllfall for Outsider and PAUL OZGUR's "SAMUEL-613" directed by Billy Lumby for Dazed / Friend Productions are both nominated for Best Short Film at the BAFTAs. 

    OVER presents a crime scene. During the course of 9 wide shots, told in reverse order, we watch an intriguing story unfold. What has happened in this quiet neighbourhood? A murder, a hit and run, an accident? The reality is profound, and deeply unexpected.

    SAMUEL -613 is the first fictional film made with the UK's Hasidic population, gaining unprecedented access for a drama including non-professional actors and Yiddish dialogue. It explores culture clash, identity struggle and the spiritual consequences.

    The awards take place on the 14th February. 

  • Steve Summersgill's Monster Milk Float

    Steve Summersgill's Monster Milk Float

    February 5, 2016

    TITLE - Arla Lacto Free "Monster Truck" Production Designer - Steve Summersgill DIRECTOR - Daniel Warwick Production Company - Academy

    Vision's STEVE SUMMERSGILL's builds this mammoth monster truck milk float for Academy's Daniel Warwick and Lacto Free ARLA.

    Summersgill says "The brief was clear. Build a Monster truck milk float that can move in camera... so that's what we did (!)
    With the help of a South African SFX team we created the vehicle in just under 7 days. We knew the scale of the vehicle needed to look impressive in relation to the milk float body so we sourced the largest tyres we could find from a disused tractor. The chassis & body work was fabricated from scratch except for the nose of the vehicle which we pillaged from an old Nissan pick up truck."

    See Steve's impressive build here with his FULL COMMERCIAL REEL

  • Christopher Probst signs to the roster

    Christopher Probst signs to the roster

    January 21, 2016

    DOP - Christopher Probst

    Vision are excited to launch CHRISTOPHER PROBST here in London and Europe. 

    Probst entered the guild as as a first assistant, he then worked for several years as a camera operator before moving up to cinematographer on high-end commercials and music videos. Having shot some of the decade's biggest music videos for the likes of Taylor Swift, Eminem, Kelly Clarkson, 50 Cent, Katy Perry, Jay Z and Muse.  He also works in several avenues of commercials ranging from high end car spots, tabletop, to glossy beauty/fashion ads. His credits include Turkish Airlines, and clients such as Lexus, Mercedes, Infiniti, BMW, Lincoln, Samsung, McDonalds, Johnnie Walker and Adidas. 

    Christopher's narrative experience stretches back to several years as a 2nd Unit director of photography on such projects as the ASC Award-winning television mini-series, Uprising, the NBC series Boomtown, and most recently for the pilot for the new CBS drama Limitless; and in the feature film realm for the films Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow and Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters.  Christopher has also photographed the feature films Detention for Sony Pictures, Fire With Fire, which was released by Lionsgate and he has just completed photography the large-scale sci-fi actioner, Beyond Skyline; which will be released later this year.

    Working with the likes of Joseph Khan, Manu and Fluer, Nima Nourizadeh and Stuart Parr we welcome CHRISTOPHER PROBST to the roster.



  • Tim Gibson designs Miike Snow promo

    Tim Gibson designs Miike Snow promo

    January 14, 2016

    TITLE - Miike Snow "Genghis Khan" Production Designer - Tim Gibson DIRECTOR - Ninian Doff Production Company - Pulse

    Production designer TIM GIBSON designs this splendid video for Ninian Doff at Pulse. With references from Ken Adam's epic, sparse and grand "Bond" sets, Gibson designs the baddie's lair in an incomplete, underground theatre, 3 stories below Islington Green. Fllmed over 2 days on 35mm this conceptually brilliant video showcases strong performances from "Gold Nose"


    View Tim Gibson's Genghis Khan and Full Music Video Reel HERE

  • O2 Be More Dog

    O2 Be More Dog

    January 7, 2016

    TITLE - O2 'Be More Dog' DOP - Denzil Armour-Brown Production Designer - Sam Tidman DIRECTOR - Tim & Joe Production Company - Friend

DOP - Production Designer - TITLE - DIRECTOR - Production Company -