Featured work

  • NAO


    December 11, 2015

    TITLE - NAO DOP - Ben Fordesman DIRECTOR - Ian Pons Jewell Production Company - Friend

  • Sainsburys Christmas

    Sainsburys Christmas

    December 11, 2015

    TITLE - Sainsburys Christmas Production Designer - Steve Summersgill DIRECTOR - Marcus Svanberg Production Company - Blink

  • Gucci


    December 11, 2015

    TITLE - Gucci DOP - Jaime Feliu-Torres DIRECTOR - Matt Lambert Production Company - Laura Holmes Production

  • Anders Nydam

    Anders Nydam

    December 1, 2015

    TITLE - Anders Nydam signs to Vision DOP - Anders Nydam

    Vision has signed Director of Photography ANDERS NYDAM to the roster. NYDAM was raised in the suburbs of Copenhagen Denmark where he went on to work as a character artist for animated film and video games. This translated into stills photography primarily documenting open casket funeral practices in the mountains of Transylvania. With a passion for story telling and sense of adventure, he graduated from the National Film School of Denmark in 2013. 

    ANDERS now brings to us a pool of stunning and honest commercial work most notably with Acne director Daniel Eskils. Collaborating all over the world they have worked on some captivating projects including Bose, H&M, Lee Jeans and Mat Prat. With a collection of edgy high end fashion orientated work, ANDERS is also active on the Scandinavian alternative music scene, working within several constellations with experimental electronic music.

    We are thrilled to introduce ANDERS to London. 

    Check out a selection of his work HERE







    November 26, 2015

    TITLE - HURTS - WINGS DOP - Jaime Feliu-Torres DIRECTOR - Dawn Shadforth Production Company - Sonny

  • Vision Welcome new DoP signing JACK WILKINSON

    Vision Welcome new DoP signing JACK WILKINSON

    November 17, 2015

    TITLE - Vision Welcome new DoP signing JACK WILKINSON DOP - Jack Wilkinson

    Vision welcomes DoP JACK WILKINSON to the roster. Jack joins us with a wealth of cutting edge promo work and a collection of stylish, contemporary, fashion orientated commercial work. From a NTFS background, Jack is working with the likes of Colonel Blimp's Abbie Stephens and Agiles Lamar & Nik and Amer Cher Patel. Take a look at his reels below including the stunning PSTEREO whale music vid and Abbie Stephens "Chambord" campaign.





  • AUDI


    November 13, 2015

    TITLE - AUDI DOP - Jonas Mortensen DIRECTOR - Alex Haines Production Company - Pulse

    Vision's JONAS MORTENSEN photographs this impressive audi spot, shot in an old hanger on the Alexa with anamorphic lenses 

    The Audi R8 campaign translates how a person might respond to the intense sound and feel of a powerful engine. To enhance these characteristics director Alexander Haines chose to place the car in the shadows of a vast, empty space. Through the framing and low-key lighting Mortensen and Haines give only a sense of the Audi trademark shapes before fully revealing the car in the last shot.

    Worth a watch...





  • Ben Fordesman's Promo News Questionnaire

    Ben Fordesman's Promo News Questionnaire

    November 13, 2015

    TITLE - Ben Fordesman Promo News Questionnaire DOP - Ben Fordesman

    PROMO NEWS interviews our DoP BEN FORDESMAN for "The Questionnaire". Check out the full interview.....



  • British Arrow Craft Awards News

    British Arrow Craft Awards News

    November 5, 2015

    TITLE - British Arrows Craft Awards News DOP - Martin Hill Production Designer - Tim Gibson

    Vision have two judges on the British Arrows Craft Awards panel this year, our "master of light" DoP MARTIN HILL with both Production Designer and nominee TIM GIBSON.

    Gibson's 02 Ed Sheeran spot directed by Mark Jenkinson for Rogue has been nominated for Best Production Design.

    Awards take place on the 23rd November...



  • Shortlisted for Music Video Awards

    Shortlisted for Music Video Awards

    November 5, 2015

    TITLE - Vision Shortlisted for Music Video Awards DOP - Ben Todd Production Designer - Mikey Hollywood

    Both our rosters have been shortlisted at the MVA's. 

    Director of Photography BEN TODD has been nominated for the eerie, atmospheric Nicholas Godin promo directed by Sacred Egg for Riff Raff.

    Production Designer MIKEY HOLLYWOOD has also received a nomination for his Take That vid "These Days" featuring a revolving bed!

    The Vision team are out in force tonight. Good luck guys!

  • Nicolas Godin

    Nicolas Godin

    October 8, 2015

    TITLE - Nicolas Godin / Nominated Best Cinematography UKMVAs 2015 DOP - Ben Todd DIRECTOR - The Sacred Egg Production Company - Riff Raff

  • Vision Triumphs at APA 50

    Vision Triumphs at APA 50

    September 9, 2015

    TITLE - Vision Triumphs at APA 50

    Vision had a fabulous night at the APA 50 last week, with 11 of the 50 spots showcased being from from our DoP and Production Designer rosters!

    Huge congratulations to all and see below for winners and credits

    RICHARD MOTT - Clic Sergant (Misha Mason Smith for Rogue)
    JAIME FELIU-TORRES - Road Safety (Mark Zibert for Rogue)
    JANE CARROLL - John Smiths (Nick Gordon for Somesuch)
    JAIME FELIU-TORRES - Mulberry (Andy McLeod for Rattling Stick)
    IAN MURRAY - Oral B (Stephen Pipe for Tantrum)
    MARIE LANNA - Pampers (Olly Blackburn for Great Guns)
    RICHARD MOTT - Save The Children (Karen Cunningham for Thomas Thomas)
    MARTIN HILL - The Guardian (Simon Ratigan for HLA)
    BEN FORDESMAN - PETA (Olivier Venturini for Great Guns)
    JIM JOLLIFFE - Shredded Wheat (Finn McGough for Knucklehead)
    DAN STAFFORD-CLARK - Skoda (Luke Bellis for Minds Eye)

  • Orangina 'C'est Shook'

    Orangina 'C'est Shook'

    August 27, 2015

    TITLE - Orangina 'C'est Shook DOP - Jaime Feliu-Torres Production Designer - Marie Lanna DIRECTOR - Autumn De Wilde Production Company - Somesuch

    The "Dream Team" that is Lanna and Feliu-Torres collaborate on this Anderson/Grand Budapest style Orangina spot for director Autumn De Wilde at Somesuch. Marie Lanna's set design - conceptually smart as ever - was a completely symmetrical, long "L" shape corridor composed of a small puzzle of floating walls which has allowed the camera to move freely. The ceiling pieces again were cleverly made to house film lighting and to allow Jaime to achieve these pale pastel and then vibrant orange visuals using the arri alexa with Vantage T1 lenses. Everything on set was bespoke to Orangina, from the Hotel Logo, passing through elevator buttons, patterned doors, light bandoleer and door numbers that were fabricated for the film. Splendid performances from the cast with special mention to the pet pooch.

    View Orangina "C'est Shook" and full reels below

    Jaime Feliu-Torres HERE & Marie Lanna HERE






  • Confused.com "Dancing Robots"

    Confused.com "Dancing Robots"

    August 21, 2015

    TITLE - Confused.com - Dancing Robots DOP - Denzil Armour-Brown DIRECTOR - Michael Gracey Production Company - Partizan

    Vision’s Denzil Armour-Brown shoots Brian the Robot and friends for Confused.com and Michael Gracey for Partizan.

    Shot on Digital, using vintage spherical lenses and additional optical accessories using 50 ordinary light bulbs, Denzil achieves clinical visuals for this charming spot – which has these cheeky chaps grooving to “Apache” by the Sugar Hill Gang!

    View Denzil's full commercial reel  including Confused.com, along with his beauty and car work HERE


  • FKA Twigs - M3ll155X Video EP

    FKA Twigs - M3ll155X Video EP

    August 19, 2015

    TITLE - FKA Twigs - M3ll155X Video EP DOP - Ben Fordesman DIRECTOR - FKA Twigs Production Company - Academy

    Pushing the boundaries as ever, artist and director TWIGS creates more of a contemporary dance film than music vid of 4 tracks on her current album. Vision's BEN FORDESMAN lights 3 of these innovative films – as stunningly as ever. These impressive, cutting edge dance spectaculars include a smirking, gold toothed hag and Twigs reincarnated as a rubber, blow up sex doll.

    Take a look at Ben's Full Music Video Reel and Full Commercial Reel HERE

  • X Factor

    X Factor

    August 6, 2015

    TITLE - Mikey Hollywood's X FACTOR Production Designer - Mikey Hollywood DIRECTOR - Stephen Pipe Production Company - ITV Creative

    MIKEY HOLLYWOOD designs and builds sets for this year's star studded X Factor commercial, directed by ITV Creative's Stephen Pipe. Incorporating luxurious padded walls, futuristic tunnel and laboratory style studios, Mikey brings us the secret formula of the X FACTOR with a robotic, clinical feel.

    View X FACTOR and Mikey's full commercial reel HERE

    Music Video reel HERE

  • UPC


    July 22, 2015

    TITLE - UPC - Pixie DOP - Jean-Noel Mustonen FSC DIRECTOR - Pete Riski Production Company - Rattling Stick

  • Ben Todd photographs ethereal Music Vid

    Ben Todd photographs ethereal Music Vid

    July 16, 2015

    TITLE - Nicolas Godin - Widerstehe Doch Der Sunde DOP - Ben Todd DIRECTOR - The Sacred Egg Production Company - Riff Raff Films

    Vision's BEN TODD photographs this awesome zombie surfer music video for Nicolas Godin 'Widerstehe Doch Der Sünde' directed by The Sacred Egg at Riff Raff Films.

    Shot over 3 days in South Africa on various cameras including Phantom, Red, Alexa and GH4, Todd achieves these enchanting, exclusive visuals to fit perfectly with the atmospheric track.

    Todd says "It was a challenging shoot for everyone involved especially working of a speed boat with multiple cameras, a drone, underwater housing, divers, prosthetics, props and even a motorised sharks fin! The night scenes where also quite involved with the large area we were trying to illuminate, as we were working in black and white and embracing a grainy aesthetic it was possible to shoot at a very high ISO which helped considerably.It was a bizarre and fantastic shoot to be involved with and everyone involved giving 110%. Everyone seemed very aware that such unique and exciting idea doesn't come around very often!"

    Take a look HERE

  • Tidman Designs Cannes Award Winning Short

    Tidman Designs Cannes Award Winning Short

    July 16, 2015

    TITLE - An Arms Length Production Designer - Sam Tidman DIRECTOR - Max Weiland Production Company - Someuch

    SAM TIDMAN designs on Max Weilands short film "An Arms Length" which has gone on to win The Cannes Young Directors' Award.

    A jewish mother's overbearing attachment to her son has gruesome consequences. The bond with her son goes way beyond the normal mother son relationship. With a distant father figure her son has no option but to take drastic measures....

    Take a look at trailer HERE

  • IAN MURRAY shoots Fairy "Never Stop Hugging"

    IAN MURRAY shoots Fairy "Never Stop Hugging"

    June 18, 2015

    TITLE - Fairy "Never Stops Hugging" DOP - Ian Murray DIRECTOR - Amanda Blue Production Company - Tantrum

    Ian teams up with Tantrum's Amanda Blue once again to create another heartwarming, sentimental film. An apt follow up from last years Dove "Mothers Day", the fabulous Blue/Murray duo achieve emotional, poignant visuals on Fairy's "Never Stop Hugging" which tells a familiar story of how father and son have a close bond when young but grow apart as teenage years loom...

    There were 3 main stages in terms of cinematography, starting with an uncoated lens on the Cannon 5d with standard compression, second stage Ian used old leica lenses on 5d standard and finally new leica lenses on 5D raw.  in terms of lighting, early stages were lit with tungsten light (for a warmer more traditional, softer look). and the later scenes with HMi for a harder, more modern feel.  Special mention to Steffan Perry at Framestore who brought so much to this project.

    Tissues at the ready....

    Take a look at FAIRY HERE

    View Ian's Full Reels HERE


  • John Smiths - Only Ordinary By Name

    John Smiths - Only Ordinary By Name

    June 12, 2015

    TITLE - John Smiths - Only Ordinary By Name Production Designer - Jane Carroll DIRECTOR - Nick Gordon Production Company - Somesuch

  • Steve Summersgill

    Steve Summersgill

    June 11, 2015

    TITLE - Steve Summersgill awarded Honors for Art Directors Guild Production Designer - Steve Summersgill DIRECTOR - Wes Anderson

    We are thrilled that STEVE SUMMERSGILL has been awarded an honours from the Art Director's Guild for "Excellence in Production Design for A Period Feature Film" for his work as Art Director on THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL. Congratulations to Steve for his award and his part in this ravishingly beautiful and opulent Wes Anderson film.

    See more of Steve's commercial and movie work 


  • Tidman Designs Eccentric AA spot

    Tidman Designs Eccentric AA spot

    June 1, 2015

    TITLE - AA "We've Seen It All" Production Designer - Sam Tidman DIRECTOR - Scott Lyon Production Company - Outsider

    Shot in Leeds, Scotland and London, Production Designer Tidman and Outsider's Scott Lyon collaborate on this epic, splendidly eccentric spot promoting our British breakdown service that is the wonderful AA.

    Featuring an explosive battle field re-enactment littered with bike jeeps and army vans, an impressive selection of motors made up of a James Bond db5, fan made Knight Rider kit car, bullet style mustang and Italian job style mini! Vision's favourite scene however is in Scotland with the nudists. Shot at an out of season holiday camp where according to Mr Tidman, the real naturists point blank refused to wear thongs. Special mention must go to the cock and balls topiary!

    View Sam Tidman's AA and full commercial reel HERE

  • Stafford-Clark shoots Nicki Minaj's new vid

    Stafford-Clark shoots Nicki Minaj's new vid

    May 28, 2015

    TITLE - Nicki Minaj "The Night Is Still Young" DOP - Dan Stafford-Clark DIRECTOR - Hannah Lux-Davis Production Company - London Alley

    Nicki Minaj's eagerly anticipated video features a wild night in L.A. directed by London Alley's Hannah Lux Davis.

    Shot by Vision's DAN STAFFORD-CLARK on two Alexas with Masterprimes (one on a technocrane and one on sticks getting cutaways and beauty close ups), the production designer duo Lord Whitney turned an empty stage to a fully functional Tokyo/Harajuku street. With bespoke neon arriving on the shoot day itself, the schedule was super tight and crazy – just like Miss Minaj herself!

    Take a look at The Night is Young and Dan's full music video reel HERE

  • Google Nessy

    Google Nessy

    May 7, 2015

    TITLE - Google 'Nessy' DOP - Ben Fordesman DIRECTOR - Nick Rutter Production Company - Sonny

    BEN FORDESMAN and Nick Ray Rutter from Sonny London collaborate on this gorgeous piece for Google. Beautifully shot as ever by Fordesman on Alexa, Ziess super speeds, canon 5d mark ii and go pro


  • James Blann - One To Watch on the Vision Roster

    James Blann - One To Watch on the Vision Roster

    April 28, 2015


    After graduating from the NFTS with stunning, sumptuous film "Room 55" (which won the Camerimage Mastershot award for best cinematography 2014), Blann has gone on to shoot commercials and music videos with the likes of Pulse and Partizan. He is certainly one to watch with a passion for stills work and his versatile visual style ranging from the edgy to rich tones to natural light.. 

    To view this exciting, up and coming DoP click HERE

    For trailer of award winning ROOM 55 click HERE

  • O2 Rugby

    O2 Rugby

    April 22, 2015

    TITLE - O2 - Rugby Production Designer - Arthur De Borman DIRECTOR - Tomas Mankovsky Production Company - Blink

    Vision's Arthur De Borman designs this sweet and charming spot for 02, directed by Tomas Mankovsky for Blink which tells a tale of how ordinary folk help and support those around them.  Shot on location in NW London, the director handpicks a school's swimming pool, whilst De Borman converted a school classroom into an office scenario and then goes on to build a replica of Twickenham tunnel! 

    Full Commercial Reel HERE


  • Carling - Seagull

    Carling - Seagull

    April 13, 2015

    TITLE - Carling - Seagull Heist DOP - Jaime Feliu-Torres DIRECTOR - Sniper Twins Production Company - Smuggler

    Vision's JAIME FELIU-TORRES lenses this traditionally playful spot for Carling featuring a mischievous, pesky gull. Directed by The Sniper Twins for Smuggler, Jaime chooses the Alexa using anamorphic lenses on location in gloriously sunny Cape Town.


  • Co-Op Village Elder

    Co-Op Village Elder

    April 13, 2015

    TITLE - Jim Jolliffe signs to Vision with CO-OP DOP - Jim Jolliffe DIRECTOR - Finn McGough Production Company - Knucklehead

    We are thrilled to have signed DoP Jim Jolliffe to the roster. Jim delivers a wealth of fresh, natural commercial work from Rattling Stick, Knucklehead, RSA and Sonny, working with the likes of Finn McGough, Ed Morris, Nick Rutter, Ivan Bird and Siri Bunford.

    Jolliffe collaborated with McGough on recent stunning Co-Op "Village Elder" spot shot in a Masai village in Tanzania, where a wonderful local character Thomas was cast as the "The Wise Man". Wearing cool sunglasses and hat when they first met, he had the sparkle they were looking for this film.

    Jim says "The area was stunning, but very very hot! Within about an hour of sunrise the sun was right above you, making it very tricky to work with - very dark skin and a white sandy environment is always tricky to work with. We had to schedule the days around this, getting our key shots first thing in the morning and last thing at night. But our schedule was still very tight and we had to shoot in the bright flat daytime light. I needed to add depth to the shots to help with this light. For this we used smoke or dust in nearly every shot to help create this depth. Also, to create a slightly warmer and softer feel to the film I mainly used a collection of old Russian lenses I had sourced over the years. Not only do these give the warmth and softness of the film, they also flare beautifully. It was a very tight knit unit. We were spending a great deal of time together, travelling, shooting, sleeping in tents so we all had to get on really well, and we did. It was a wonderful experience with a bunch of lovely people".

    We very much welcome Jim to the Vision family....



  • Cancer Research - Race For Life

    Cancer Research - Race For Life

    March 3, 2015

    TITLE - Cancer Research - Race For Life DOP - Ben Todd DIRECTOR - The Sacred Egg Production Company - Riff Raff

  • New Signing Mikey Hollywood is an Adidas "Superstar"

    New Signing Mikey Hollywood is an Adidas "Superstar"

    January 15, 2015

    TITLE - Adidas Production Designer - Mikey Hollywood DIRECTOR - Karim Huu Do Production Company - Caviar

    We are thrilled to have signed production designer MIKEY HOLLYWOOD to the roster. With strong builds under his belt having his own fully fledged construction company with workshop, green-screen studio and in-house construction team for set-building, prop and model making.

    Hollywood has a wonderfully colourful and intriguing past after leaving art college, including a spot of DJ'ing whilst opening a flower shop/gallery - although the DJ'ing soon had to stop as late nights and early mornings don't mix as we know....

    With no formal training and with just a few books he opened the shop in Birmingham's creative quarter that is The Custard Factory and through this made contacts at the BBC where he went on to dress locations before moving into film. Now working on commercials and music vids with the likes of Caviar, Wanda and Good Egg, Mikey thrives on technically challenging and in-camera FX projects.

    Adidas "Superstar" a fabulously smart and edgy spot shot at Shepperton with the tightest of security was directed by Karim Huu Do for Caviar. It features David Beckham, Pharrell Williams and Rita Ora has Mr. Hollywood building a whopping 18 metre tunnel!







  • Nadim Carlsen Signs to the DOP Roster

    Nadim Carlsen Signs to the DOP Roster

    January 13, 2015

    Vision signs Director of Photography Nadim Carlsen to the roster. Working with the like of Stink, RSA, Pulse and Anders Malmberg at Academy for commercial and music video work, Carlsen has also lensed various long form work including documentary features "SEARCHING FOR BILL" which won the Nordic Doc award at CPH:DOX 2012 and "PINE RIDGE" which premiered at Venice International Film Festival 2013. He has recently wrapped on fiction feature "SHELLEY" and is about to embark on another this summer - "WOLF AND SHEEP".

    Nadim's visual passion started with photography, having had two projects funded by the Danish Arts Council. After graduating from film school and shooting his first feature, he branched out into music videos. Carlsen says "To me it was a great opportunity to play around and approach moving images from an experimental and more abstract point of view. It was all about creating certain moods by distorting time and space in a way that could breathe new life into the music".

    Nadim has now moved on to the world of commercials where his style is wonderfully accomplished and adaptable. "Being comfortable with filming under real life conditions combined with a still photography like precision has given me a quite versatile foundation on which I love working"...

    We welcome Nadim on board and are excited about the year ahead for this rising talent..

    Take a look at Commercial Reel HERE
    Music Video Reel HERE
    Website HERE

  • Jane Carroll, The Raven and The Voice

    Jane Carroll, The Raven and The Voice

    January 9, 2015

    TITLE - The Voice 2015 Production Designer - Jane Carroll DIRECTOR - Jason Smith and Andy Booth Production Company - Red Bee

    A sequel to last years clinical baby concept with dear Kylie, 2015's The Voice features Rita Ora, created in the Kosmonaut Bar in the Northern quarter of Manchester. Its dark and edgy feel is perfect for the main star which is of course that raven (a real and a stuffed one) complete with handmade bejewelled cage and key, feathers, doors with pealing, textured paint, brass and a wonderful leopard skin carpet! This time directed by Andy Booth and Jason Smith 

    Airs on the 10th January...

DOP - Production Designer - TITLE - DIRECTOR - Production Company -