Featured work

  • Mcvities "Christmas Choir"

    Mcvities "Christmas Choir"

    December 9, 2014

    TITLE - Mcvities Christmas Choir DOP - Jean-Noel Mustonen FSC DIRECTOR - Randy Krallman Production Company - Smuggler

    Content to go here...

  • Sanoma


    December 4, 2014

    TITLE - Sanoma DOP - Jean-Noel Mustonen FSC DIRECTOR - Rane Tiukkanen Production Company - Motel Royal

  • Hill and Ratigan collaborate on Fedex

    Hill and Ratigan collaborate on Fedex

    November 21, 2014

    TITLE - Federal Express DOP - Martin Hill DIRECTOR - Simon Ratigan Production Company - HLA

    Showcasing the ever reliable Federal Express, the Hill and Ratigan "Dream Team" follow a package containing hot pepper sauce around the world.

    Both director and DP shot this epic journey mainly on hand held 5D cameras allowing them to shoot during recces, breaks and travel days! Combined with jet lag this made an extremely challenging 15 day shoot.

    Highlights from production's perspective was the scene where the plane leaves Caribbean Island Nevis - a truly exhilarating experience, shot air to air with a helicopter using a hand held stabilised zoom lens; but most memorable of all was capturing the natural phenomenon that is the Northern Lights, flying from Memphis to Beijing, just over halfway at the Arctic Circle. To film this amazing spectacle, the cameras were set to a mix of 25 fps and 1 frame every 2 seconds with a long exposure (to reduce noise).

    Hill says "Combined experiences and captivating scenery produced one of the most inspiring and memorable of shoots".

    Take a look at Martin Hill's Full Commercial Reel HERE

  • Elli Cassata - BBC Local News

    Elli Cassata - BBC Local News

    November 21, 2014

    TITLE - Elli Cassata BBC Local Red Bee DOP - Elli Cassata DIRECTOR - Linnea Bergman Production Company - Red Bee Media

    Cassata lenses this stunning piece of film for Red Bee's Local Radio campagin, all hand mainly using his own vintage Zeiss Vintage Super Speed lenses T1,4 Uncoated. Shot in various locations, Cassta and director Linnéa Bergman take us to various including London Queens Park, Hastings,Camber Sands and Rye, highlighting how BBC Local News brings us the latest in what is happening near to home in our towns and streets...

    Definitely worth a watch.

    View Elli's Full Commercial Reel HERE

  • Halfords Street Rider

    Halfords Street Rider

    November 14, 2014

    TITLE - Halfords Street Rider Production Designer - Jane Carroll DIRECTOR - Aofie McArdle Production Company - Somesuch

    This subtly festive, timeless ad featuring Raleighs and Choppers is brilliantly directed by Somesuch's Aofie McArdle and cleverly designed as ever by our very own Jane Carroll. 

    Shot on the edge of the beautiful peak district, Jane dressed two interiors as well as the whole of the street which was frosted by company "SNOWBOY" to echo a crisp frosty morning.

    One of the smart design elements was to put coloured voiles on the windows and net curtains so that a graduation of colours could be seen throughout the exterior running down the street like a paint chart. The voiles themselves were all self coloured to help achieve this, but Jane also popped in coloured practical lights to add coloured hot spots! Greens and blues and textures played a huge part of this job for the interiors, so each object was considered, this was echoed in the exterior trees with blue lights dominating against the coloured window backdrops.

    Special mention to Jane's resident prop man MR. DAVID JONES.. 


  • Think! Don't Drink and Drive

    Think! Don't Drink and Drive

    November 14, 2014

    TITLE - Don't Drink and Drive 50th Anniversary DOP - Jaime Feliu-Torres DIRECTOR - Mark Zibert Production Company - Rogue

    Shot in just one day on Red Epics with Panavision super speeds, this powerful Drink Drive spot is thought provoking stuff..

    Opening at the scene of a horrific car crash, we follow the paramedics and firefighters' journey from crash to hospital to resuscitation -all the while hauntingly singing Kool and the Gang's party anthem "Celebration". Superbly directed by Mark Zibert, this is not for the faint hearted. Special mention to Jaime's crew whose amazing hard work and positive attitude helped him achieve his usual strong visuals...

    View Jaime's Full Commercial Reel HERE

  • Nick Bennett Lenses "Devil Makes Work" for Guy Soulsby

    Nick Bennett Lenses "Devil Makes Work" for Guy Soulsby

    October 30, 2014

    TITLE - Devil Makes Work DOP - Nicholas Bennett DIRECTOR - Guy Soulsby Production Company - Park Village

    Nick Bennett shoots deliciously evil, horror short film "Devil Makes Work" for Guy Soulsby. Starring the brilliant Shaun Dooley,  (Woman in Black, Offender) Bennett chooses the Phantom for the high speed, Alexa anamorphic with Lomo square front anamorphics and some spherical Cooke S4's to achieve these wickedly, sinister visuals.

    Shot in both studio and location, an intense night shoot in a deserted scrap yard in Luton was used for the impressive car explosion.

    Heaven and hell, winners and losers; it all comes down to what you are willing to sacrifice. The world seen through the eye of a devil...

    Learn more of this splendid short film and trailer http://www.devilmakeswork.com/








    October 28, 2014


    This simply stunning, emotional, music video was shot over 5 days in Mumbai and Uran a small costal village. Fordesman says "The crew were some of the finest I've worked with, relentless handheld 14 hour days in the heat and rain, bit of busking, bribing and real tears we all made a piece of work we are very happy with".

    The Fordesman and Rutter duo achieve captivating visuals once again.



  • Jaime Feliu-Torres Shoots Nike for Nowness and Somesuch

    Jaime Feliu-Torres Shoots Nike for Nowness and Somesuch

    October 26, 2014

    TITLE - Nike Nowness DOP - Jaime Feliu-Torres DIRECTOR - Abteen Bagheri Production Company - Somesuch

    Filmed in Morocco's Atlas Mountains, sensual soundtrack by Jessy Lanza and shot on epic with anamorphic lenses with steady cam, this beautiful film for Nike is directed by Somesuch's Abteen Bagheri and shot by Vision's Jaime Feliu-Torres. Known for her smouldering show performances with Beyonce, we follow french dancer Hajiba Fahmy through her fluid, naturalistic day to night exercise regime. An alluring, graceful film for Nike.

    Watch Jaime Feilu Full Commercial Reel Here

    Watch Jaime Feliu Music Video Here



    October 24, 2014

    TITLE - Gaps "She Bears A Flower" DOP - Ben Todd DIRECTOR - Walt McNee

    Directed by Walt McNee and shot by Ben Todd on Alexa with set of Cooke S4 lenses, this atmospheric promo for GAPS uses cleverly crafted silhouettes, fibre glass rocks and gravel to create a strange in-camera landscape – all as a backdrop for a graceful solitary dancer; punctuated by macro & liquid photography. 

  • Ben Todd Shoots Ben Strebell's Road Safety

    Ben Todd Shoots Ben Strebell's Road Safety

    October 15, 2014

    TITLE - Ballerina Road Safety DOP - Ben Todd DIRECTOR - Ben Strebell Production Company - Pumpkin Films

    Shot on the Red with Cooke S4 lenses, this 2 day shoot in a little village in Switzerland showcases the ballet company at it's best - but distraction can be fatal - watch your step...







  • Mortensen's Kooples Is Nominated At Shots Awards

    Mortensen's Kooples Is Nominated At Shots Awards

    October 10, 2014

    TITLE - The Kooples - "Today Tonight" DOP - Jonas Mortensen DIRECTOR - Fred and Nick Production Company - Pulse

    Mortensen's Kooples spot has been nominated for Best Branded Content at The Shots Awards.

    This stunning film was shot with anamorphic lenses at the iconic Ace Cafe in West London and locations around Hackney. This legendary haunt came to define Rock n Roll and motorcycle culture. Visually Mortensen took his cue from iconic biker photography of the 50's and early 60's, the archives and regulars at the Ace Cafe were an important resource in establishing an authentic look for the main location. "Today, Tonight" tells a story of young racer boy whose life is intertwined in a life-changing game of "The Coin Drop".

    Awards take place on the 16th November.





  • Elli Cassata Shoots Beautiful Blue Lagoon Spot

    Elli Cassata Shoots Beautiful Blue Lagoon Spot

    October 10, 2014

    TITLE - Blue Lagoon DOP - Elli Cassata DIRECTOR - Bokur Sigthorsson and Daniel Freyr Atlason Production Company - Doolur Productions

    Shot all in camera, in Iceland, the earth moving sand and paint in water was shot on Red Epic 300fps in a studio. Exteriors in the Blue Lagoon were shot on the Alexa using Cooke S4 lenses. Directed by Bokur Sigthorsson and Daniel Freyr Atlason out of Doolur Productions.

    Elli Cassata Full Commercial Reel HERE

  • Feliu-Torres & Lanna Collaborate On Sol Beer

    Feliu-Torres & Lanna Collaborate On Sol Beer

    October 9, 2014

    TITLE - Sol Beer - The Exit DOP - Jaime Feliu-Torres Production Designer - Marie Lanna DIRECTOR - David Edwards Production Company - Rattling Stick

    Vision's Dream Team Jaime Feliu-Torres and Marie Lanna collaborate once again with Rattling Stick's David Edwards to create this stunning piece shot on the Reds and Alexa with a mix of anamorphic lenses. Art and lighting departments had to work closely to achieve the desired look and feel. Interior lighting was mainly art department including the fabulous LED flooring and light cube tables. The building façade and bar were also constructed by Lanna.





    September 21, 2014


    Ben lenses this delightful trail for 2015's much anticipated Strictly Come Dancing shot on the Alexa 4:3 and the Phantom flex with hawk anamorphic lenses. The directors (repped by 76) wanted to use stylistic symmetrical compositions in the vain of a Wes Anderson film and vivid colours in the art direction and costume to reflect the shows theme. It was a difficult long one day shoot as the weather was a mix of bright sun an heavy rain clouds but as usual Mr. Todd achieves impressive results.

  • Hill and Ratigan shoot The Guardian

    Hill and Ratigan shoot The Guardian

    September 21, 2014

    TITLE - THE GUARDIAN DOP - Martin Hill DIRECTOR - SIMON RATIGAN Production Company - HLA

    Hill and Ratigan team up once again and shoot this radiant film on two 5D's.. Piano tinkling for an uplifting background track, this spot shows how the Guardian is an important part of our busy weekend. Using mainly available light and occasionally simulated sunlight, wonderful visuals as ever are achieved by Vison's Martin Hill.



    September 18, 2014


    The fabulous Charles Dance gives a wonderfully strong performance in this team talk theme for 2015's Rugby World Cup. For authenticity Fordesman and Cattaneo shot on location at theTwickenham home changing room, choosing 2 x arri alexas with master primes. It was a challenge shooting around the availability of everyone as the cast involved genuine rugby staff, international and former legendary players who could only come in at certain times spread over this 3 day shoot. Thankfully due to Peters experience as a narrative film director, his mastery of blocking meant they were able to augment the feeling of a heavily crowded changing room.

  • Asda George

    Asda George

    September 18, 2014

    TITLE - Asda George DOP - Nicholas Bennett DIRECTOR - Chris Balmond Production Company - Outsider

    Nick Bennett shoots this charming spot on Red Epic with ARRI Master Primes and ARRI a Ultra 16's, with steadicam on a dog!

    A housewife cheekily causes mayhem in her home, all to get some classier home furnishings from Asda's Autumn/Winter collection.

  • Ben Todd Unleashes Adidas miCoach

    Ben Todd Unleashes Adidas miCoach

    August 26, 2014

    TITLE - ADIDAS MICOACH "Unleash Your Best" DOP - Ben Todd DIRECTOR - Karim Huu Do Production Company - CAVIAR

    Todd teams up with's Caviar's Karim Huu Do to create this intense and moody commercial for miCoach - Adidas' digital fitness ecosystem. This stunning spot was shot on the Alexa with superspeeds as well as a very small and versatile Panasonic GH4 for the more quick, wide close body shots.  Beautifully lensed as ever by Todd at Duke Islands Studios with his fabulous lighting team on board (special mention to gaffer Andy Mac), a lot of time was taken with the lighting and smoke effects to create a sense of infinite abstract space. Elements where then enhanced later in post.

    The shoot coincided with Germanys' 7-1 victory over Brazil during the world cup, so the German clients were of course very easy to please and spirits were high!

  • Ian Murray shoots Nationwide for Ratigan

    Ian Murray shoots Nationwide for Ratigan

    August 19, 2014

    TITLE - Nationwide DOP - Ian Murray DIRECTOR - Simon Ratigan Production Company - HLA

    Ian Murray teams up with the brilliant Simon Ratigan to create this impressively, technical spot for Nationwide.

    Shot on Cannon 1DS stills cameras, running them time lapse – at times 3 cameras simultaneously – Murray captures fleeting moments beautifully from our every day lives.

    For just a few seconds of screen time, talent would be required to stand still for up to 10 minutes and exposures of up to 4 seconds per frame achieved the blurriness required.

    The final cut was scanned to film and printed onto print film stock at The Mill where the wonderful Seamus graded from the print.

    Murray thrives on creative, technically challenged film making and Nationwide doesn’t disappoint...

  • Mott shoots trio of Expedia shorts

    Mott shoots trio of Expedia shorts

    July 8, 2014

    TITLE - EXPEDIA “Horse Whisperer, “Stuntman” and “Magician” DOP - Richard Mott DIRECTOR - Frank Todaro Production Company - Moxie Pictures

    A combination of the red dragon, epic with master primes and alura zooms were used to achieve impressive results for these trio of top spots for “Expedia” – all with varying styles and concepts.

    A stand in wooden horse along with 2 stunning palominos were used in a beautiful spot in Surrey for “Horse Whisperer”. 3 cameras, balls of fire, the Taco Lady and the old Shoe Factory in East Tilbury brought together the “Stuntman” and a milk snake along with some sorcery were the formula for the “Magician” shot in the forum in Kentish Town!

  • Cassata welcomes us the Commonwealth games

    Cassata welcomes us the Commonwealth games

    July 3, 2014


    Elli Cassata shoots this most impressive, epic spot for the Commonwealth Games on the Alexa and Cooke Xtl Express Anamorphic, supplied by Panavision.

    Designed to showcase the whopping 4500 athletes that take part in this “friendly” game.. we visit various determined looking sportsmen and women around the world.

    This mammoth job spread over a month had Cassata filming runner Pocket Rocket in Kingston, Jamaica to Germany and Holland, then onto England, Ireland Scotland Wales, achieving sensational, intense visuals.

    Cinematography at its best.

  • Fordesman spins with Ella Eyre

    Fordesman spins with Ella Eyre

    June 19, 2014


    A demanding vid with many set ups, shot on the Alexa 4:3 chip, with Cooke S4′s; Fordesman teams up with Cavair’s Henry Schofield to create this smartly choreographed promo for Ella.

    Technically ingenious with a set that could turn 360 with a beat-friven lighting aesthetic that had to be rigged for rotation, it seems the rules of gravity are turned upside down. No crane last minute within the rotating set meant Ben had to go handheld inside as it was spinning!

  • Jane Carroll on Nabil's "Beats"

    Jane Carroll on Nabil's "Beats"

    June 16, 2014

    TITLE - BEATS – “GAME BEFORE THE GAME” Production Designer - Jane Carroll DIRECTOR - NABIL

    Production Designer Jane Carroll teams up with Nabil on this epic spot for "Beats".

    The first day was no not in the land of Rio but at the Reebok stadium, Bolton Wonderers football club... Although I think that Jane and her construction team had you fooled! The Rio pundit set and sports desk where built into the Platinum suite overlooking the stadium and the Home Team dressing rooms were re dressed and panelled to provide 3 distinctive looks as well as the corridors leading to the stadiums. A last minute change of plan had construction Mark Wilson and Gary Kimpton working through the night to create two more changing room seats in the Liverpool training academy for the Sturridge and Suarez sets. A late call and timber yards closed could have spelled disaster, but quick thinking and some help from Ikea wardrobe doors saved the day!

  • Palmer shoots Pixie

    Palmer shoots Pixie

    June 10, 2014

    TITLE - PIXE LOTT – LAY ME DOWN DOP - Luke Palmer DIRECTOR - BEN FALK Production Company - ASYLUM

    Luke Palmer teams up with Asylum’s Ben Faulk to sail across the French Riveria aboard a luxury handmade wooden yacht, capturing Pixie Lott in fabulous Bardot 1960's style.

    Shot in a beautiful fishing port in Cote D'Azur off Cat'd'Antibes Palmer says "I chose Cooke Series II Panchros for their famed warm, romantic feel. Strictly speaking they’re 1950's lenses but in combination with today’s digital cameras they have a wonderful way of rounding of the hard binary edges; and yes they flare in beautifully and often in unexpected ways! We also used original Cooke 25-250 Varotal Zooms (used to shoot the original Superman movie in 1978) to give us those schonky zoom shots so familiar from the period".

    A heavenly mansion and an original 1965 Mustang were also featured in this vid, which was beautiful but a beast to drive and none too roomy for hand held whist Pixie was in the rear seat!

    Special mention to Paul Harrison at Finish who graded this splendid vid...

  • Todd lenses Lucozade for Chris Cairns

    Todd lenses Lucozade for Chris Cairns

    June 4, 2014

    TITLE - Lucozade DOP - Ben Todd DIRECTOR - Chris Cairns Production Company - Partizan

    Following the splendid Schwartz spot, Todd teams up with Partizan's Chris Cairns once more to create this stunning live action and VFX spot for Lucozade.

    Lucozade was a combination of live action using Alexa with Master Primes and digital 3D modelling generated from a body scan using over 100 Canon DSLRs.

    As you can imagine time with the mighty Steven Gerrard was precious and Cairns was careful to pre-visualise all the shots in order. 3D Time Based Arts deserve much recognition as they achieved the near impossible in a tremendously tight time frame… the melting effects deserve a special mention we feel.

  • Stafford-Clark shoots norwegian doc for Vice

    Stafford-Clark shoots norwegian doc for Vice

    June 4, 2014

    TITLE - Mazda Rjukan DOP - Dan Stafford-Clark DIRECTOR - Tom Barber Production Company - Vice

    Stafford-Clark lenses this most charming and uplifting story about an inspirational artist called Martin whose dream is to bring the sun down into his mountain town of Rjukan. In the winter months the sun does not rise enough and a depressing shadow is cast over the Norwegian town.. Martin brings the sun to it's inhabitants by mirrors and bending the rules of nature!

    Dan says "We shot on a C300 with Anginieux primes and Cooke S4s, plus a lensbaby. It was a 6 day shoot in total, and we got incredibly lucky as it was overcast for the entire time until the last afternoon – and without sun to reflect on the mirrors there wouldn’t have been a climactic ending. When the sun came out, bounced into the town square and bathed us all in glorious warm light it was a genuinely euphoric experience!"

  • Lanna Designs Bulmers for David Edwards

    Lanna Designs Bulmers for David Edwards

    May 27, 2014

    TITLE - Bulmers DOP - Marie Lanna

    Marie Lanna and David Edwards collaborate once again to create summer, colour vibes for Bulmers. Art and lighting departments worked closely together to achieve lighting changes in camera as much as possible and this involved Lanna specially building and replacing every single light fitting in a whopping 1, 125 foot tunnel in Greenwich.

    • Marie Lanna’s Commercial Reel HERE

  • Jonas Mortensen signs to the Vision roster

    Jonas Mortensen signs to the Vision roster

    May 27, 2014

    DOP - Jonas Mortensen

    Vision are thrilled to have signed Director of Photography JONAS MORTENSEN to the roster.

    Originally from Denmark and now based in London, Mortensen began his journey at film school, lighting shorts and art films, before progressing into commercials, music videos and a wealth of feature documentaries.

    Working with the likes of Colin O’Toole and Nikolaj Larsen, Jonas has some shot some fabulous work with Fred & Nick at Pulse Films with whom he has recently shot “The Kooples”. His music video work must also been seen, in particular “Kodaline” directed by Mathy & Fran for My Accomplice.

  • Ian Murray shoots DOVE commercial

    Ian Murray shoots DOVE commercial

    May 17, 2014

    TITLE - Dove “Mothers Day Hollie” DOP - Ian Murray DIRECTOR - Amanda Blue Production Company - Tantrum

    This beautiful film for Dove directed by Amanda Blue for Tantrum in a late 1960′s modernist house in Streatham, shows a mother in her true light. Angles that would normally be deemed unattractive are portrayed as honest and graceful.

    Almost entirely shot with a 50mm Lecia summilux lens for softness and shallow depth of field, the the lighting was simplistic and natural, supplemented with tungsten light for warmth and dusky twilight.

    Light touches and total simplicity was key, allowing the situation to unfold, sitting between a documentary and commercial feel – Ian Murray captures the moment and pure beauty of “Mum”.

  • Jean-Noel Mustonen Nominated For Best Cinematography

    Jean-Noel Mustonen Nominated For Best Cinematography

    May 2, 2014

    TITLE - J.Karjalainen DOP - Jean-Noel Mustonen FSC DIRECTOR - Misko Iho Production Company - Directors Guild

    Jean Noel Mustonen FSC is nominated for Best Cinematography at the Nordic Music Awards with his video “J.Karjalainen” directed by Misko Iho for The Director’s Guild. Shot in mainly available light off the southwest coast of Finland, Jean selects the Canon 5D mark3 with Canon L-series lenses for this make up-break up love story...

    Awards take place on the 31st May.

  • Ben Todd collaborates with Nadav Kander

    Ben Todd collaborates with Nadav Kander

    April 27, 2014

    TITLE - Under The Influence “Shadows” DOP - Ben Todd DIRECTOR - Nadav Kander Production Company - Partizan

    This ethereal piece was shot on by our Ben Todd on an old set of super speeds. It was a freeform, experimental day directed by Partizan’s brilliant photographer Nadav Kander and starring supermodel Kirsten McMenamy for Under The Influence Magazine.

    Briefed to create a piece of orchestral music, the movement of the models allowed the string arrangement to be created, focussing primarily on cello.

  • Fordesman’s Darwin Deez is nominated for best music vid at D&AD

    Fordesman’s Darwin Deez is nominated for best music vid at D&AD

    April 16, 2014

    TITLE - Darwin Deez – “You Can’t Be My Girl” DOP - Ben Fordesman DIRECTOR - Keith Schofield Production Company - Caviar London

    Fun with stock footage – Fordesman teams up with Keith Schofield for Caviar London to make this very smart, funny music vid. Darwin is in a stock footage world of sexy, unobtainable chicks where he will just never fit in!

    Fordesman’s says “We decided early on that Darwin should look ‘almost’ as if he belonged to the stock footage, Keith spent hours going through libraries of stock footage in prep, and put together the final edit sequence of all the stock footage for our reference on the shoot day, this allowed us to carefully find the correct blend of composition and lighting best suited Darwin in each scene. The concept was just so simple and genius, I’m very happy to have been involved”

    D&AD awards and results on the 22nd May.


  • Success At The British Arrows

    Success At The British Arrows

    March 28, 2014

    Vison Roster has a great night at the “BTAA” winning a wealth of arrows...

    MARTIN HILL’s “ARMY” and “EUROSTAR” win golds for 60-90 TV Commercial, EURO STAR also wins a silver for 60-90 Cinema.
    LUKE SCOTT’s “MARIE CURIE” wins silver awards for 60-90 TV and Cinema Commercials.
    SAM TIDMAN’s “LURPAK” wins silver for International.
    BEN TODD’s “SECOND CHANCE” wins silver for Direct Response and Bronze for Charity.

    Congratulations to all...

  • Mott’s Simulator Ride For “Seat”

    Mott’s Simulator Ride For “Seat”

    March 28, 2014

    TITLE - Seat Simulator DOP - Richard Mott DIRECTOR - Mark Jenkinson Production Company - Rogue

    Two SEAT fans are given the chance to ride in an authentic simulator to experience the brand’s fastest new car. However they are fooled, and In reality they are on a real life, rapid test drive. We savour the reactions on their faces, and are taken on their thrilling car chase. The truth is revealed once they get to the finish line – much to the delight of us viewers.

    A trixy, technically challenged shoot, Mott uses 4 red epics, 1 sony F55 and 3 iconix min cams, with Panavision B and G Series Anamorphic lenses. An alien revolution rig and a libra head on a high speed tracking vehicle was used for the chase plus much more!

    Super smart concept which has been received very well indeed.

  • Luke Palmer’s “The Fold”

    Luke Palmer’s “The Fold”

    March 11, 2014

    TITLE - “The Fold” DOP - Luke Palmer DIRECTOR - John Jencks Production Company - Daffodil Productions

    LUKE PALMER’S THE FOLD movie has had rave reviews in Sight and Sound “ambiguity is mirrored in the damp great of the Cornish landscape, at once menacing and ravishing, and elegantly captured by cinematographer Luke Palmer.” Shot on 2 Alexa’s, directed by John Jencks and starring Catherine McCormack (Braveheart, Land Girls), THE FOLD is a drama thriller which follows a devastated Anglican priest who tries to replace her deceased daughter with another girl. Set within the simply stunning daffodil harvest of Cornwall, Watch THE FOLD trailer HERE and for more of Luke’s feature credits view HERE.

    Luke Palmer is represented by Wizzo FEATURES for drama and feature work.

  • Ben Fordesman Shoots Duke Dumont

    Ben Fordesman Shoots Duke Dumont

    February 26, 2014

    TITLE - Duke Dumont “I Got You” DIRECTOR - Remy Cayuela Production Company - Able And Baker

    Featuring our very own Ben Fordesman’s hands and feet – check out this conceptually smart, sci-fi virtual holiday package...

    This feel good vid directed by Park Village’s Remy Cayuela opens on a guy looking out onto his dreary, rainy street before his “Better Than Life” head gear arrives. With helmet on he then parties on the beach, feeds local wild monkeys, rides an elephant, a speed boat, a tuk tuk and enjoys some erm… interaction with a lady friend!

    Shot in Bangkok and Phuket, Ben fitted a Canon 1DC to a sky diving helmet in order to achieve true POV perspective. The helmet rig was pretty heavy and was built in a speedy 4 hours before being collapsed and shipped off for a 3 day shoot in glorious Thailand. The extreme sports were shot with the go pro hero 3 camera – achieving some pretty cool visuals.

  • Faux Coats And No Knickers

    Faux Coats And No Knickers

    February 18, 2014

    TITLE - Shrimps DOP - Jaime Feliu-Torres Production Designer - Marie Lanna DIRECTOR - Max Weiland And Oliver Pearch Production Company - Somesuch And Co

    Vision’s Jaime Feliu-Torres and Marie Lanna collaborate with Somesuch’s Max and Oliver to create this quirky, very cool fashion spot for London label Shrimps, heavily featuring faux faur coat and bags.

    Shot on 16mm by Feliu-Torres, Lanna sources an original 1975 Bluebird Britannia caravan and with her art department creates a surreal, fluffy and contemporary world that is “Shrimps”. Adding to the fluffiness are 4 cute pugs, who whilst running around the set in Hackney Wick decided to er.. cock a leg or two up the prop cactus!

    The fabulous Laura Bailey was an added bonus for this ID mag spot – who plays “Mum”.

  • Fordesman Lenses The Times For Academy

    Fordesman Lenses The Times For Academy

    February 4, 2014

    TITLE - Sunday Times “Icons” DOP - Ben Fordesman DIRECTOR - US Production Company - Academy

    Ben Fordesman and Academy duo US collaborate for this conceptually shrewd spot for The Sunday Times “Icons”. It prompts us to recognise how iconic, cultural visuals have a place in our hearts and minds, highlighting whats making the headlines in 2014. Fordesman executes this in one shot at Black Island stage 6, using the AR rig operated by Simon Woods.

  • Richard Mott Shoots Cops And Robbers

    Richard Mott Shoots Cops And Robbers

    January 23, 2014

    TITLE - Kit Kat “Cops and Robbers” DOP - Richard Mott DIRECTOR - Ron Scalpello Production Company - Great Guns

    Ron Scalpello and Richard Mott collaborate once again for this high speed car chase with a traditional, humorous Kit Kat concept.

    Richard take us on a thrilling cops and robbers ride at Sheerness docks, shot on both the Alexa and Epic cameras using leica lenses and alura zooms. Mott also used an octocopter with zeiss lenses for the aerial scenes.

    Another Mott and Scalpello treat!

  • Todd Lenses Explosive Schwartz Spot

    Todd Lenses Explosive Schwartz Spot

    January 13, 2014

    TITLE - Schwartz “The Sound Of Taste” DOP - Ben Todd DIRECTOR - Chris Cairns Production Company - Partizan

    Vison’s Ben Todd lenses this incredibly vibrant, explosive spot for Schwartz directed by Chris Cairns at Partizan.

    Meticulously planned by Cairns through testing and a very complex pre-visualization system, Ben shot on 2 x Phantom Flex cameras and 2 x Phantom Miro Cameras, supplied by Love High-speed. A long shoot day on an empty,desolate stage at Pinewood, shots were timed at high speed to synchronise with the music and explosions.

    “Even though edit was mostly pre-determined we are still able to improvise a few extra creative shots on the day, like the gas hop lighting.

    For some shots the cameras were mounted on the ‘Bolt’ motion control system which can move at an incredibly fast rate so that the camera could track around or towards the set even when filming at very fast frame rates” says Ben.

    The entire crew had to wear full decorators overalls and masks due to an abundance of fragrant and pungent spices that were left lingering in the air after each eruption – even with those precautions they still all left the shoot smelling of curry!

  • Jane Carroll Designs “The Voice” Promo

    Jane Carroll Designs “The Voice” Promo

    January 7, 2014

    TITLE - The Voice Production Designer - Jane Carroll DIRECTOR - Paul Gay Production Company - Red Bee Media

    A total of 24 gorgeous babes were used for this super spot promoting The Voice with new judges Kylie and Ricky Wilson!

    The set was built on the first floor of Piccadilly Place in Manchester. A 3 day build – Jane prebuilt some of the construction off site, however most of the construction was bespoke and done on location. Andy Kiff art directed whilst Alex Giles heading up the construction team.

  • Hill Shoots Euro Star: Part 2

    Hill Shoots Euro Star: Part 2

    January 7, 2014

    TITLE - Eurostar London DOP - Martin Hill DIRECTOR - Simon Ratigan Production Company - HLA

    Hill and Ratigan team up once again to create this super spot for Eurostar London. Shot mainly on the Canon 5D, with the end section/meeting sequence shot on the Alexa, Martin achieved this look with mostly available light, whilst the rain sequence was lit. Director Simon also shot on the Canon 5D, with stills taken from the Alexa as well as a stills photographer.

  • Fordesman Win’s Best Cinematography For “The Farm”

    Fordesman Win’s Best Cinematography For “The Farm”

    January 7, 2014

    TITLE - The Farm Book Trailer DOP - Ben Fordesman DIRECTOR - Calum Macdiarmid Production Company - Great Guns

    This emotional, poignant piece, beautifully shot by Ben Fordesman has won the BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY category at the Cristal Awards.

    “Believing that his parents are enjoying a tranquil retirement in the Swedish countryside, one phone call from his mother changes everything….Daniel is caught between his parents conflicting stories of madness and a horrific crime”.

    Due to the nature of the book Calum felt a widescreen format was best suited for the trailer, so Ben chose to shoot on Hawk v-plus anamorphic lenses that gave a true cinematic look to the piece. It was shot over one long summers day in east Sussex where they were blessed with the most glorious weather allowing them to plan schedules around the sun. Shooting outdoors when it was low and magical, and interiors when it soared hight and bright, the light was so good that little extra film lights were needed.

    A gorgeous piece and congratulations to Ben.

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