Rhys Warren

Rhys Warren


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Rhys moved to London to study in 2015 and since has been working within the camera department for the past two years, working on commercials, content, promos and narrative. He has had experience as a trainee with both digital and film. 


A fast and keen learner, confident in loading on digital formats, Rhys is also looking to expand his knowledge on loading film. 


As well as being very technical he also shows his creativity through photography, which is a significant interest of his in both his free time and professionally. 


TitleProduction CompanyDOPFocus PullerRoleFormat
Elle Magazine x WellaHEARSTCharles Mori-LoaderAlexa Mini
Black Velocity - Reach BeyondPEBBLE STUDIOSJames RhodesLuke CairnsLoaderArri Alexa Studio
London Screen AcademySTINKOlan CollardyMilo BrownLoaderAlexa Mini, Digital Bolex
Barclays LGBT CampaignFRIEND LONDONHarry WheelerMichael HobdellTrainee Arri Amira
Vodafone ChristmasWeAreSocialJames RhodesLuke CairnsTrainee Arri Alexa Mini
JD Sports x AsicsBKASRay Miller DavisRhys WarrenFocus PullerArri Amira
Adidas Futurecraft 4D CDR Jeremy Valender Jack Exton Trainee Arri Alexa Mini
Adidas Originals COMPULSORY Ruben Woodin-Dechamps Jack Exton Trainee Arriflex 416 16mm
London Youth x Champion CREATIVE BLOOD James RhodesVlassis Skoulis Trainee Arri Alexa Mini
Kenwood x Raymond Blanc JADE MAR Jason Ellis - Trainee Sony FS7
NSPCC 'Every Day'3ANGRYMEN Sebastian Cort Mark Gee LoaderArri Alexa Mini
Shot Awards 2018 THE MILL+ Will Baldy Rhys WarrenFocus PullerArri Alexa SXT
Guardian Labs x Ebay GREATCOAT FILMS Sebastian Cort Sebastian Cort LoaderArri Alexa Mini
The Scouts 'Skills For Life'3ANGRYMEN Ann Evelin Lawford Ciro Candia Loader Sony F55
HSBC BISQIT Sebastian Cort Sebastian Cort Loader Arri Alexa Mini
Asics x Novelist - Ray Miller-Davis Rhys Warren Focus PullerArri Amira


TitleProduction CompanyDOPFocus PullerRoleFormat
Louise Redknapp 'Stretch'ODELAYJames HenryNeil FlahertyTraineeAlexa Mini
Ill Blu ft Glowie 'Get To Know'BULLION James Rhodes Luke Cairns TraineeArri Amira
FloHio 'Watchout'PULSE FILMS Ann Evelin Lawford - TraineeBetamax
Krept & Konan 'Pour Me Another One'YELLOW FISH GROUP Luke Biggins Rhys WarrenLoader Arri Alexa Mini
Sundara Karma 'Illusions'ODELAY FILMS David Wright Chris Steel LoaderArri Alexa Mini
Zayn 'Dusk Till Dawn' Dance Video OSIKO Ahmet Husseyin Murat Akyildiz LoaderArri Amira
Nina Nesbitt 'Best You Had' OSIKO Charles Heales James Amott Loader Arri Alexa Mini
Django Django 'Swimming At Night'GREATCOAT FILMS James Rhodes Luke Cairns Loader Arri Amira
MNEK - Performance Videos YELLOW FISH GROUP Luke Biggins Jed Roberts Loader Red Epic Dragon 6K
Dimension 'Black Church' GREATCOAT FILMS James Rhodes Luke Cairns Loader Arri Amira


TitleProduction CompanyDOPFocus PullerRoleFormat
The PassengerBBC / NFTSDan AthertonMalte HubnerLoaderArri Alexa LF
The Other Side With Valerie Hope (Short) FARRENA FILMS James Rhodes Mark Gee Loader Arri Amira
Dim Sum (Short)THE WAGON Seppe Van Grieken Rhys Warren FocusArri Alexa Mini
Room To Breathe (Short) INDEPENDENT Mateusz Kanownik Rhys Warren FocusArri Alexa Mini
Freeze Me (Short) OSIKO Peter Bishop Rhys Warren FocusArri Amira
White Oak (Feature) INDEPENDENT Simon Shen Marcus Albertsen A Cam Loader Arri Alexa Plus
Box (Short) TREX Toby Leary Rhys Warren FocusArri Alexa Mini


Luke Cairns - Focus Puller - lukecairnsac@gmail.com

Darren Johnson - Clapper Loader - d.l.j@hotmail.co.uk


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